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For real?

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Anybody heard of this scoot? http://www.brandshut.com/tk150ta.htm

Looks like a chinese brand, but only because of the price really ...

How about a top for the Majesty? That might be cool.
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Texas, that's a good looking scoot but the 6 month warranty scares me a little. But I like the concept of the roof. Bet that would be like a kite in a heavy wind. DougThompson
The 6 month warranty ... gotta be chinese ... like the United Motors, Vento and the like.

As for the roof, I guess it really only looks cool. Practically, it won't stop you from getting cold, getting wet in a down pour, or getting slammed around by a wandering cager. I suppose in a straight line (with low cross winds) you could use the cool windshield wiper in a light rain.

Oh well ... it still looks cool.
I seem to remember seeing or reading about BMW either making something like that, or that they had a prototype like it.
Cajun, I remember that one, too ... but this is obviously a knock-off of that design. This one isn't BMW for sure. If memory serves me right, the BMW was called a C1?
I do believe it is a TANK product and to be avoided at all costs. Their reliabillity and safety are quetionable at best.
:oops: :?:
That must be it Tex. I was able to find this after you gave me the C-1.

For information go to.

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Hey, I looked at these it is a definite TANK urban courier


I also own a Tank Touring 150. Not bad Scoots for Chinese.
They do have one great idea in including a radio with the
bike. I have long wondered why all of the companies don't
at least offer them as options on all street bikes.
The major problem here is the same as I have with the Italian
bikes & that is a concern of where to get them serviced &
get parts.
this looks very much like a scooter from Italy called the Benelli Adiva, which was available a few years back & might still be. That was roofed. It had a folding roof which went into a big boot/box on the back. With the roof up it had 80ltrs of luggage capacity but only cam with a 125 or 150cc engin & was a bit slow. Apparently not as top heavy as the BMW C1 roofed scooter but the roof on that was as much for crash protection as weather protection. You would still have to wear a helmet with it (at least in the UK).

Mitch Nix. 8)
The BMW C1 (125cc engine) and later the C1-200 (176cc engine) are built and sold in Europe. It's roof is fixed as the entire thing is built on a safety roll cage. The Benelli Adiva is an Italian designed retractable roof scooter that is similar in style to the BMW C1, but lacks the safety elements of a roll cage. Both the Benelli and the BMW were originally designed around the same time and are popular commuter scooters in Europe.

Benelli licensed LS MotorSports in the U.S. to import a Taiwanese clone of the Adiva called the Diamo Velux. The Velux has a 12 month parts, 90 day labor warranty, comes with ABS Disc Brakes and a CD/MP3 Player/Radio standard for about $4,000. An option appears to be to add an LCD screen and DVD/GPS/Rear View Camera unit.

The Tank Courier 150 is a Chinese made look-a-like of the Velux, as is the Baron Motorcycles 150-BAS. As already mentioned, Tank's version also sells for about $4,000, but only comes with a six month warranty on just the engine and drive train. The Baron is the big bargain as it sells for around $3,000 and comes with a one year/3000 mile warranty, but doesn't include a radio unit standard.

Me, I'll stick with my Suzuki Burgman and a rain suit, thank you very much.
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