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Formal complaint regarding the dealership of Lebard and Underwood of California:

In the spring of 2004, I purchased my first Yamaha scooter. As recommended by the Yamaha Corporation, I brought my vehicle in at the 600 mile mark for its first service. According to the Yamaha owner's manual for that scooter model (Yamaha Vino), certain procedural maintenances were to be performed at that time, including transmission oil, engine oil, hoses and lines, filters, and strainers were all amongst the items that were to be inspected and serviced, if necessary.

Sometime after 7 days, I picked up my bike. I was informed by the service department manager that everything had checked out okay. I must confess I was somewhat disappointed to discover that I had not received an itemized checklist of what was inspected and serviced. No maintenance or service notes were listed on the work invoice. The only words on that work order were "first service." I found this somewhat unsatisfactory, considering that the first servicing of any new bike is essential to the long-term life of the engine. One would think that such pertinent issues, such as well-documented and itemized records of exactly what procedures were performed at that time, would be standard protocol. However, they apparently are not at LeBard and Underwood. In addition, the first servicing was not covered under the warranty; I paid for the servicing on my own. I expected more specific documentation and service notes as to what exactly was done during that time. I must confess this left me with a somewhat dissatisfied prospective. Writing "first service" across the work order without any specific details or itemized lists for my records serves me little purpose in maintaining an accurate history of my bike and its performance history.

Sometime after the 7,000 mile mark on my Yamaha Vino, it became clear to me that it was time to replace my tires. Once again, I decided to bring my bike to the service department at LeBard and Underwood. Within a couple of days, I returned to pick up my bike. As I collected my key and picked up any pertinent paperwork from the service department manager, I thanked him and went on my way. At approximately 1 mile down the road from the dealership, I became very startled by a very loud and audible chaffing sound coming from the back tire. I at once pulled over to the side of the road to inspect the backend of the bike. The Yamaha Vino comes equipped with a small, black, and flexible fender or faring, which covers the rear tire of the bike. This fender is not held into place by any nuts, bolts, or screws per say, instead, it is fitted with a series of small notches that act as seats for a series of pins that secure its placement over the top end of the back tire: two on the left and two on the right. Though the fender was seated correctly on the left-hand side, the two fittings on the right-hand side had been overlooked and not secured properly into place upon completion of new tire installation. This caused the right side of the faring to come down on top of the moving tire, rendering the loud chaffing sound I was hearing. Though I was easily able to rectify this issue by myself with minimal difficulty, I was very upset by the fact that whoever worked on my bike allowed this oversight to happen. Though I was quite angry about this incident, for whatever reason, I never voiced my frustration.

Sometime shortly after this, I began to discover some problems with my bike in regards to fuel flow. Again, I brought it into the service department of Lebard and Underwood. My issue with the bike was that it was idling erratically and cutting out at high speeds. After a lengthy stay at the shop, I was informed the bike would need a new carburetor. Fortunately, this repair would be covered under the warranty. Upon picking the bike up, I found myself disappointed once again by the sloppy handwritten documentation of the procedures and parts that were needed to complete the repair on my bike. Although the erratic idle issues did seem to be resolved, the bike still continued to cut out at high speeds. Overall, I once again found myself dissatisfied and befuddled at what may or may not have been done to the bike while it was in the shop at Lebard and Underwood.

In the spring of 2006, I purchased a 2006 Yamaha Majesty from Lebard and Underwood. As recommended by the Yamaha service manual for that model, I once again took it in for its mandatory 600-mile service. I also made note of an issue that was taking place with the bike. Upon acceleration at low RPMs, I discovered small backfires or pops coming from what I perceived to be the exhaust pipe of the bike. I was informed by the service manager that he would look into the issue, as well as provide the mandatory 600-mile service. Upon picking up my bike the following day, once again I received no itemized documentation of what exact services had been performed on my bike at that time. As was the case with the Yamaha Vino, the only thing for my records was my carbon copy of that work order that sloppily read, "first service." Again, I found myself dissatisfied at the lack of emphasis or importance on the significance of well-kept and neat records at the preliminary stages of the performance history of a brand new bike that I had just purchased from that dealership. At that time, I inquired about the issue of backfire that had been taking place from the bike's exhaust pipe. I was informed the bike had an exhaust leak and the problem had been rectified. However, there was no documentation provided for my records of any such phenomenon, only the service department manager's word. Upon leaving the dealership, I kept a close listen for any audible sounds that may be coming from the back exhaust system. No sooner did I get a quarter mile down the road did I notice the issue was exactly the same as the day I brought it there. That issue still continues to this day. Once again, I bit my tongue and chose not to bring forth any sort of formal grievance.

As recommended by the Yamaha owner's manual for the 2006 Majesty, I began the process of basic owner maintenances and procedures recommended for the long-term function-ability and performance of the bike: maintaining and checking oil levels; keeping a close eye on tread wear; and keeping coolant level accurate. One such recommendation by the Yamaha owner's manual for the 2006 Majesty includes periodic checking and cleaning of the three filter elements for that model. Somewhere around the 1800 mile mark, I was successful at my first attempt to remove, inspect, and clean those filters, as recommended. Somewhere around the 3000 mile mark, I once again removed those same covers and cleaned out those filter elements. Upon my next inspection of those filters, after a particularly long expedition through hot and dry climates, I decided it June 5, 2006, I proceeded to the sales counter in the service department at LeBard and Underwood. My intent was to purchase all three filter replacements for installation by myself at a later time. Though I was able to purchase air filter elements GR007 and GR009, there was no stock for the third filter: 5RU-15407-02. This filter is for the primary belt drive housing.

Sometime in the days shortly after this, I brought my bike back into the service department at LeBard and Underwood regarding a minuscule knocking sound emanating from the backend of the bike. I thought that perhaps this sound might be related to something that perhaps malfunctioned within the back brake assembly. Upon picking up my bike, I was surprised and somewhat embarrassed to learn that the noise I was hearing had been coming from a fancy oversized valve stem cover that I had purchased for the bike. For a second I found this hard to believe and asked if they had inspected the brake assembly and surrounding areas at all prior to learning this. The service department manager informed me that they had indeed given the bike a thorough inspection, claiming, not only did they disassemble and go through the rear break assembly, they had also dismantled and looked into the transmission of the bike. The service department manager also issued a recommendation to me that all my air filter elements be changed immediately, due to excessive wear and dirt. I informed him of my visit to the sales branch of the service department of June 6, 2006, and explained I had indeed ordered all such parts and already had two in my possession and was planning to change them all before my next road trip in the coming weeks. I also explained the third and final filter was still currently on order. I thanked the service department manager for rectifying the problem and headed off on my way.

On approximately Monday, June 19, 2006, I received confirmed that the part I had ordered had arrived at LeBard and Underwood. On June 24, 2006, I was able to pick up that part. This afternoon, June 25, 2006, it was my intent to replace that filter. As I had done before, I attempted to begin the procedure of accessing that filter via the simple process of manually removing a small piece of faring and case covering, as directed by the Yamaha manual for the 2006 Majesty. Upon beginning this process, it was not long before I realized that the six primary screws required for removal had all been over-torqued and stripped out completely. Though I was able to insert the tip of the screwdriver into the head of the screws, turning those screws proved impossible as they were not coming up or out of the sockets. They were just turning in place. It is more than clear to me that whomever last removed this covering and consequently reinstalled it made a critical error of over-torquing these screws, which left me with no means of opening or accessing this filter element. Sometime shortly after this, it became apparent to me that there is no way or possibility that I am responsible for such blatant disregard or oversight of this nature. I have previously removed that very air covering casing on at least two separate occasions without incident. It is only now after my last visit wherein a thorough diagnostic was completed that this phenomenon has shown itself. To say I am angry would be an extreme understatement. This is disregard, irresponsibility, and unprofessionally at a very high level.

How am I supposed to feel about this?
I bought the bike in for a repair, and it came out with more problems than it went in with it.

Time and time again it would seem that the supposed "Gold award service dealership" of Labard and Underwood had left me hard pressed with even just one good thing to say about them. I fully intent to take this issuie as far as I can with both the better business bureau and the Yamaha motor Corporation.

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sounds like you have had a bad run with this dealer.

personally, i would not have bought the majesty from them. after your first experience with the vino. this should have served as a warning.

just my 0.02c worth.

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Sometime late last evening I was able to finally calm myself down.

In retrospect, I am glad the sevice dept was closed on Sunday, as I dont feel it would have been condusive to remedying my problem in such an angry state of mind.

This morning I went to Lebard and underwood. I had all my papers neatly compiled and prepared to state my case.

I informed the sevice dept manager of what happen.
I started by fisrt telling him, I had opened all my air filter element case's and had cleaned them out on several occasions without incident.

Then I proceded to show him the paper work that ties the dates togather leading to the incident of the stripped out screws surrounding the Belt drive air filter element, all withing the time frame his shop had my bike regarding other issuies.

I first asked him if in his professional opinion he belived these screws where stripped out and handed him a screw driver. He had a go at three of them. His reply was simple "Yes"

Then my second question was to ask him if in his professional opinion this sort of malfunction could have been caused by some other sort of oversight or mistake on my part. His replay was,
"I dont think so, These looked as though they were over tightend"

I then reminded him that per my vist regarding a brake problem of June 8th2006, That he himself told me that his service dept had inspected the filters and he himself reccomended that they be replaced.

I then made the statement,
I have opended and cleaned those filters on several separate occasions myself without any incident or prblems regarding the screws or Gromits.

So why is it that after your service dept opended and enspected
and recommended new filters, that suddenly every single screw sourrounding that casing was stripped. I certainly did not do that.

This is were he started to get slightly defensive.
He claimed, "The guy who worked on your scooter didnt even use an air impact wrench, and if had been the one who stripped it, he would have told me so"

My response to that was,
"Well, if you guys were the last ones to open and inspect it,
How else could the problem have arisen?"

He excused himself for a moment and walked inside the shop leaving me by myself for a few moments. Upon his return he said his guy said he didnt do it. (Stalemate time)It looks as though he may indeed try do deny doing it.

Once again I reminded him that I had removed this case myself on several diffrent occasions, only after The bike was returned to me and his guys recomended filter replacements did this issuie arrive.
The conclusion from my prospective is clear. They opened it, They reinstalled it, they stripped it, their Liable. Period.

At this point, he began to backpeddle and changed his statement of june 9th when I picked up the bike. Now he claims, they only checked one air filter at that time. Even though I am certain he told me in his words they had indded checked them all. I reminded him of this.
Then he said, "Well, I would have to check with my guy again, Maybe he did take some part of the section apart"

I then told him in no uncertain terms that what I thought needed to be done.They needed to fix there mistakes right here and now, and furthermore I wanted to watch them do it!

To that he replyed,
"The only problem is, that if we get that cover off of their, there is a good chance we are going to have to replace all those gromets, and I dont have those parts now"

I told him I would be back a week from today to continue this.

With that, I marched directly into the main office and asked to speak with Mr Lebard. The ownwer, They asked if I had an appointment.
I said no. Within a minute I was in his office with my side of the story and paperwork. He listened to me and seemed polite. He then told me he believed he had some of the best mechanics in the biz and seemed reluctant.He said he would have get more information on this matter before we could continue.

I told him, I would be back a week from today to settle this matter.
We shook hands, I thanked him for his time and left...

I dont know whats gonna happen now, looks like its gonna be another week before I could pick this up again.

Leaving with the majesty tommorrow night for a trip to the Monterey Pennisula. I would guess that the filter element shouldent cause me too much trouble durring that time. I hope.

I did file a formal complaint thus far with the BBB.
The next move is up to them, There either going to deny it and stand behind theie mechanic, or remedy it and meet my demands for an amicable solution.

More soon.

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gpsnut2003 said:
sounds like you have had a bad run with this dealer.

personally, i would not have bought the majesty from them. after your first experience with the vino. this should have served as a warning.

just my 0.02c worth.
I hate to say it...
But your right.

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As instructed, I returned to the the dealership this morning to continue the dicovery phase of my service issuie problem which subsequently left me with more than a half a dozen stripped out screws and unaccesabilty to the air filter element for the belt drive breather case.

Not suprisingly, In the 7 days lapse between my last contact with the service dept manager,no efforts had been made to order or replace anysuch parts. One poster here made the assumption that per his statement of last week, "That he could not rectify the problem today because he didnt have the parts" concluded that durring the following week, he would get on with ordering those parts to be ready for me today. Glad I didnt make any such assumptions. Cause that sure wasent the case. That was just the service dept managers way of putting me off until he could deal with me this week.

He said that he would not order the parts until the service goons opened the bike up and knew for sure what was wrong. Even though he and I concur about the extent and logistics of the damage?

His reason?


"I aint gonna order 250 dollers worth of parts if I cant say for sure those parts a damaged"

Although, Again, He and I agree upon the extent and logistics of the damage based on the information that is visible.

This really really really really pissed me off.
Though I showed no indicator of that.

This sets me back considerable.
1. I dont trust them
2. Thats not what I asked for as far a remedy.

The sevice manager suggests that I bring the bike in on the 5th.
Have those guys open it,find out what is broke, order then repair.

Im split.

First, I wonder..
should I just have a little faith, and trust them to complete the repair in a timely fashion, keep my fingers crossed, and hope they fix the problem without messing anything else up?

Or by doing that, am I just trying to find an easy and quick way out to get my bikes filter case fuctionable again, even at the cost of some moron possible compromising some other part of the bike due to not caring.

Second, I wonder...
should I stick to my idea about demading they order said parts and turn them over to me for repair by myself or with another dealership at a later time? Based on the events that have thusfar unfolded, I feel I would be in my rights to make such a request.

Its clear, That should I decide to go with the latter,
A court case will most likley insue.

The sevice dept manager has denied my request to order new screws, gromits, or cases without first opening and examing the extent of the damage first.

So, I have to decide, Whats the lesser of two evils?

Some jackass who could give a crap less about me or my bike opening it up to retify a problem that he caused in the first place, or put in a formal statement to mr Labard requesting that all parts be ordered and givin to me based on his companys neglagence and liabilty for subsequent damage.

All the time, paperwork, and cash its gonna take to get that ball rolling.

Im undecided right now..

Its a gamble wich ever way I go..
And in either direction there isnt really any way for me to come out a winner in this matter.

All because some careless jackass messed up my aircase.

If anyone has any information regarding part numbers for the sections of the air casings in question, please share that information with me. It would help me greatly
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