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Forum Posting Guidelines

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The MajestyUSA administrator and moderators would like to thank you for participating in the forums. Below are guidlines for posting.

- Please respect the other forum members, administrators and moderators.

o Attacks of a personal nature are not allowed. Although you may disagree with statements made by other forum members, please refrain from using profane, insulting or derogatory language, ethnic or racial slurs. Friendly 'banter' is exempt. Indicating humor with the appropriate emoticons might keep someone from getting upset or insulted.

o Please do not post using all caps, all bold, all lower case, or all italics. Using all caps is considered to be shouting. You should limit using caps, bold, large fonts, etc for those items that you wish to give special emphasis.

o Please avoid 'over quoting'. Nested quotes are often not necessary. It is suggested that you edit the quotes to display only information pertaining to your comments.

- Please create new threads in the appropriate topic area. All non-scooter related topics should be posted in the Tavern. Posting in the appropriate category eliminates the need for cross-posting. Moderators may move threads to the correct forum if they are started in an inappropriate place and/or delete duplicate postings.

o We strongly suggest you search on the topic you intend to post. Many questions have already been answered in previous posts. If you contribute to an existing thread it will become active again. This performs a valuable service to all members. It might answer questions other members may have been hesitant to ask.

- Posts in the "Official reviews for aftermarket products" forum will be locked by a moderator/administrator once posted. If a review is left unlocked and comments or questions are made to the thread, they will be deleted. Post any comments or questions in another appropriate forum. If the original poster needs to modify a review after it has been locked, contact one of the moderators to have it unlocked or to make the change for you.

- The "Feedback for Yamaha" forum is not a discussion forum. All posts in this forum should read as if you were speaking directly to Yamaha. Please be direct and to the point, avoid lengthy diatribe. Any discussion posts will be deleted.

- Images

o Avatars are limited to 9k or smaller and no greater than 160x160 pixels. We understand avatars reflect your individual personality however please do not use avatars that may be offensive to other members.

o The size of in-line images should be limited. Please be aware some of our forum members are still using dial-up connections. Individual in-line images should not exceed 250k and if you post multiple in-line images, their combined size should not exceed 500k. Instead of posting large in-line images, please link to the image using the URL tags rather than the IMG tags.

o If you have pictures you would like to share with the membership please post them in the Gallery. Please label your album with your ScreenName. You may include an appropriate phrase. It is recommended you label your pictures or include a short description. This will enable other members to find your pictures in the gallery. This is especially helpful when posting pictures of maintenance procedures.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact a moderator or Admin/Bryan (greengoose) via private message.
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Avatars :
Avatars may not be used for advertising in any manner. You may not advertise in either the avatar graphic nor use the avatar to hot link to another site.

Signature lines :
Non-scooter related links are not allowed in the signatures. You may use signature lines to link to Majesty related galleries. You may only link to your own commercial website only if it is scooter related. Linking to someone else's site is not allowed in the signature. A single small graphic is allowed in signatures (i.e. - emoticons, flags, etc). Large images may not be used in signatures.

You may link to your own business site in your forum profile. You may not link to other business sites including click-thru or Pay-per-click schemes. Personal sites may also be listed in the profile. Links to pornographic or offensive websites or photos, personal or otherwise, are not allowed.

Sharing, asking or offering to share copyrighted material such as the Yamaha Service Manual on PDF in the open forum cannot be allowed.
Please do not post links to Majesty manuals (or any other copyrighted materials) on the forums. The links open MajestyUSA to copyright violations. Since the forums are moderated, MajestyUSA cannot use "safe harbor" under the DCMA to protect itself from copyright liability.
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While we've tried allowing the membership the freedom to express their opinions on most any topic freely, it's become increasingly evident to the administration of the MajestyUSA that certain topics are bound to cause issues between the members. Since this is after all a Majesty site and there are other online forums dedicated to those sensitive issues, we've come to the decision to restrict certain content. The following items are now no longer discussion topics allowed anywhere on the MajestyUSA forums:

  • Firearms[/*]
  • Religion[/*]
  • Politics[/*]
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