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Friends buying a Piaggio 200

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Yesterday I went with my friend to look at a used Piaggio BV200!! She's buying it today!!!! I'm so excited for her! Sure it's not quite a maxi, but real close!!!

I have to say it is pretty nice. I like that it has a cig lighter jack(can't think of the correct name!! You get the pic. though!!) and also has a button to pop the seat open when the key is in the ignition!!! Love that one!!! Several times I have had to turn of the scooter to get back under the seat!!! Wish I had a seperate button!! It was weird riding it though. I'm used to my Maj. I like my Maj. better though. Even with it's flaws!!
The only thing I didn't really care for on the Piaggio was that the spedometer is in Kilometers! That would be kinda wierd to get used too!!

I look forward to going for rides with her!!!!!

Oh, this might belong in the general discussion!!! If it does, feel free to move it!!! I wasn't sure since it's a Piaggio!! Thanks!! :D
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Piaggio makes sweet bikes... period. Most of the Piaggio's are "big-wheeled" which seperate them from their Vespa siblings. And they tend to have a host of nice features, like the seat "button" or coverings for the seats when it rains.

Our nearest Piaggio-Vespa dealer is three hours away, which ruled them out for me.
i like some of the piaggio scooters. esp the larger ones.

the x9 500 is a very nice and capable machine. i was so close to buying the x9 instead of the majesty. in the end you alll know that i made the right choice.

gpsnut2003 said:
in the end you alll know that i made the right choice.

All except for the color!! Should have gotten the faster grey one!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :lol: :wink:



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