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Hello from Sebring, Fl and the Burgman forum

I'm bikeless at the moment and I'm looking once again at scooters. Bigger though than the 250 Helix from years ago.

Need input.
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Welcome along 2343 to the forum! This is a great place to read about the wonderful experiences we have on our bike as well as the 'nits'. Please feel free to ask questions of anyone or add your own comments and experiences with your Helix. Welcome again!
We yeally enjoyed the Helix. Had it early 90's for a few years. I traded in my TransAlp for it so I could start teaching the wife how to drive.
I figured I'd teach her how to drive safely first and teach her to shift at a later date. Countersteering and such had a higher priority than shifting.

Anyway we liked the rear trunk design. Wish these newer/bigger scooters could incorporate the trunk design rather than having to raise the seat to get to the storage area.

We'd get another Helix if it came as a 400-650cc. Not happening so we're looking at all other options available. Comfort and power for 2-up is top priority.

Nice forum you have here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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