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Future sightings in Canada?

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I went to my dealer this afternoon to buy a backrest. When there, my dealer (who's a really nice guy who loves the Majesty) told me that all of the Majesty's allocated for Canada for 2006 have been sold!
My first thought was that this was good news that scooters (specifically Majesty) are starting to get noticed and people are scooping them up at a frenzied pace since gas is now over $1.00 per liter.
My second thought was not so good. Here it is the opening of the season and already they're sold out. So I'm thinking that the allotment for Canada must have been really small.
My third thought was that he was that he must be kidding but when I talked to the parts girl, she talked to me about my Majesty asking if I liked it etc. (of course the answer was yes, yes, yes). She told me that she just got her licence and was very disappointed to learn that she couldn't get a Majesty because there were none left to be had.
What do you make of this?
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Sounds like a great excuse to come across the border and buy in the US! :mrgreen:
I think thats great news! Next year they will bring in more, and maybe we'll get more parts goodies and some tire selection!
Prices on used Majesties should be high.
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