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Genuine Yamaha option parts (from japan)

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hi all.

just been trolling about the Y's gear web site in japan.

they have just about every thing there for the majesty 400 (and the 250) they have loads of chrome parts, lots of parts to totally customise your ride.

they even have complete plastic kits, so if you get sick of your color, you can change it. want a black majetsy ? bright red ? white ? Bright yellow ?

they are all there ! cost for the plastic kits is a little high at about $700 US.

here is the link

http://www.ysgear.co.jp/source/product_group_list.asp?CLASS_CODE=11000&KISYU_NAME=GRAND MAJESTY

this japanese text at the botom right of each page, is the "next" button.

 次ページ →

have fun boys and girls........

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Somebody could make oodles of money importing these items to the USA!! :idea:

BTW - try HERE for a link to a translated page! :wink:
Yep, found several things I would like to have!! Allthough, the translated page said that some cost 13,000!!!!!!!!! That's more then the bike itself!! :lol:

Yah, I know the prices are in Japan money (don't know the name!!) Sure wish it would convert it to dollars and also had a way for USA to buy online!!!!!

use xe.com for converting the yen to us or other currency.

for example, currently 1000 Y is about $76 AU.

Want those Japanese accessories?

Here's a company that will import ANYTHING you want from Japan:


This could get interesting...
I've noticed from a lot of the Japanese aftermarket sites that the Grand Majesty 250 is more popular than the 400. Most of the photos of custom Maj's are the 250. I wonder if this is a cost thing or is the 400 overkill in Japan? It does seem that the two share a common platform though. But you have to make sure that if you are replacing any of the engine/transmission/drivetrain parts that you are getting the correct ones for the 400.

One thing I find interesting is that a lot of the chrome parts I've seen offered are not real chrome - even on metal parts! The plastic parts I can understand, but why put fake chrome on a metal part???

I really want a 70mm lowering kit to drop the height of the scooter, but most of the kits I've found are only 40mm. It seems like a high cost for only a 1.57 inch (40mm) drop while not so bad for a 2.75 inch (70mm) cut. I'd like a lot of chrome out back as well as I don't like all that black plastic. There is one company that makes some cool looking chrome "cannisters" that replace the plastic boxes.

Ahh, heres a photo:

As you can see from my avatar, I really want to mod the Maj!
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