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Getting the 600 mile service late

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Has anyone had problems as a result of getting the initial 600 mile service done late? I called the dealer, and they won't be able to get me in for two weeks. The OG calls for one month or 600 miles. I am just at 580 miles, and the dealer is twenty miles away. I probably won't put another 100 miles on it in the next two weeks. The service guy tells me it's not a problem, but I don't really know these folks that well (Lodi Yamaha/Wright Motors). Anyone have any experiences attributable to getting the initial service done later?

Thanks, Dave
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The 600 mile mark is a guideline, not a set number. If you are only going to be doing another 100 or 200 more miles don't sweat it. The first oil change is important though, so it is in your own best interest to get it done as soon as possible.

Welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycle service. If they treated cars the same way we would all still be using horses. The idea of having to make a routine service appointment two weeks in advance in the middle of Winter is rediculous & at least most dealers aren't THAT bad.
I ran my BR over close to 100 miles with no ill effects, so you'll probably be fine.
Dont be concerned, bikes are so good now you can be the tar out them and they will ask " is that all you got?".

Have you thought about taking it to PCP in South Sac by the Executive Airport? We also live in Elk Grove and its a short trip up the 5 off of Florin Rd on Hwy 160. I bought my wife's Burgman at GoodTimes Kawasaki because the guy gave us a great deal and was kind to my wife but it is a long drive. We had bought a used Savage from PCP and their 600 mile service on the Burgman was quick and comprehensive on a Saturday same day call in (despite having bought from GTK). I have yet to have them work on my Majesty ( I tend to like to do things myself and the Majesty was bought used).

Just save your money before you go as mine cost me$110,in Ohio George
So here's what we ended up doing.

I ended up waiting the two weeks and got my Majesty into the dealer 25 miles away. I had to leave it a few days because I didn't want to ride home in the driving rain. But the service was good, they did everything on the list, plus a new main air filter, for $205. When I picked it up, the mechanic came out from the back and talked to me about how everything looked good, and it handled real well when he test drove it. Last week, we just gave up and took Debbie's Majesty into PCP. We went there because a) they are a huge shop and could fit us in, and b) a friend whose opinion I respect thought they were OK. They charged us $234 (down from $260 after I mentioned taking it to Wright Motors for less) with no new air filters. Hmmmm. While it was good to just git 'er done, that's a chunk of change. My wife rode her bike home, and when she arrived she said that the mileage was the same as when she dropped it off, meaning they didn't test drive it. Also, they didn't push the oil change button. Now, they probably did everything they were supposed to do, but had they taken care of those little details, I wouldn't hesitate to go back there. But now... I dunno. It's not a terrible ride down to Wright Motors, especially if it's not raining.
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