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Getting up to operating temerature

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Do your scoots have thermostats? If they do mine is broken, it takes forever to get to normal temp. Riding to work on COLD mornings (45-50 degrees, yes, it's cold for me!) it takes almost 3 miles for the needle to get to the first mark and by the time I'm there (6 miles) sometimes it doesn't even reach the middle (normal temp)! My other bike gets to normal in 2 miles. Anyone else with the same problem?
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It's been almost 30 miles before mine reached the center. It was below 30F each time and my fuel economy was below normal as well on those occasions.
Mine takes about 2 miles to get to the first mark, but runs fine and has the same economy cold or hot. With the enclosed engine one would think it would heat up quickly, but maybe it is well ventilated. On the other hand, living in Texas, I would rather have the engine run cooler because it is normally pretty hot around here and I wouldnt want my little baby to overheat.
after riding on a recent 42 deg c day (thats over 110F) my maj didnt ever look like overheating once (unlike the rider ! :D )

the fan did it's job very well, as even when sitting still in traffic for minutes at a time, the temp never rose above half.

so i can testify to the fact that yamaha got the cooling system spot on.

I rode around today in 41F conditions ... the temp needle only hit the first mark in the 10 or so miles, but ran fine. I am not really concerned about this, but I supposed one could argue that in 10 miles it should have reached optimum operating temps. I am guessing that as long as its warming up enough to let the oil run freely everything is okay :lol:

My FZ1 does not even have a temp needle, only an idiot light if it overheats ... so I would never worry about this issue anyway.

On my old KLR I was always happy if the temp needle would stay below the half mark, so I just don't get worried if it doesnt move up higher on the Majesty.

In very hot conditions I have never seen the needle go past the half way mark on the Majesty, so maybe the engine just runs cooler than most?
Mine will take a bit of time to get the needle moving...I try to start it before I put my helmet/earplugs/gloves on...a couple of minutes makes a huge difference.
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