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Givi rack and top box

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Does anyone have a Givi rack and top box? I've been looking at pictures of the Yamaha offerings and I don't like how far back and up the rack places the top box. I would like to see if the Givi set up is any different. If anyone has pictures could you post them or a link to them?


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I have the Givi V46 top case on mine and I don't think it sticks out too far. I will take a picture and try to post it here. Since I have never posted a picture here I will have to figure out how. Even if you might think it sticks out far I don't notice it at all when I'm riding. But then it is so nice to have all that storage. Mine was about $500 for everything but it was well worth it to me. Plus I have the piece that matches my blue Majesty so it looks nice too.

While I don't have a Majesty 400, I have used a Givi E50 top box (discontinued) on a Honda Reflex 250 and a Suzuki Burgman 650. They worked extremely well and even on the smaller Reflex, the big box didn't look out of place.

I purchase my Givi accessories through RideNow.com, formerly AZPowerSports.com (http://ridenow.com). There prices are discounted and I found their service excellent.

The best deal in the U.S. might be through Alaska Motorcycle Adventures (http://www.rentalaska.com). There prices are even lower and they feature free UPS delivery to the "lower 48".
i have the givi V46 top case and rack on mine, and dont know how i lived without it.

i will post some pics tomorow (if i get time after work)

jason in oz
Yes, I have a Givi E22 Pointe on my '05 Majesty. It doesn't hinder passenger space in any way. Very easy to install and it cost about $210 from ebay.

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