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Givi Screen

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hi all.

i ordered the Givi Screen today.

it cost me $220 AU ($165 US). i will report on my findings once it arrives, and i have fitted it.

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Look forward to hearing about it!
i picked up the screen today, and fitted it tonight.
ill go for a ride tomorow and see how it is.

this first pic shows the stock screen still fitted


the second pic shows the "V" shaped panel removed.

this is removed easily with just two hex head screws that are under the screen. once the screws are removed, the panel lifts up at the rear edges first. it clips into place, and takes some forse to remove. there are two clips on each side, one at hte rear top, and another near the bottom side. once all four clips are removed, the panel will slide foward and out.


the third picture shows the three screws that hold the screen on. there are three on each side. they are plastic, so be careful when you undo them, and again when you put them back in. if you over tighten them you WILL break the heads off them.


the next picture shows the old stock screen removed.


the final picture shows the Givi screen fitted, and all re-assembled.


to refit the givi, just reverse the removal instructions. the hole operation should take about 30 - 40 mins at most.

sorry for the low quality of pictures, they were taken with my phone. my normal camera, is on loan in another state right now !.

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Since 'winter' is coming to oz, it will be nice to hear whether the winglets on the Givi protect the hands more from the wind. :lol: <--- Blex's teeth chattering from the cold Texas wind.

Great pictures & directions-- Thanks!
the last few mornings that i have ridden to work, the temps have been about 8 Deg c. and my hands were suitably frozen, even with good gloves.

i should have a better idea of how they perform tomorow morning.
also im hoping that they might help keep my hands dry in the wet.

as for the pics, ill take better ones once my good camera comes back.

Rode to work this morning, and as luck (or lack of) would have it, it was raining. not pouring down, but a light drizzle. the trip to work is about 28 km.

with the givi screen on, i don't think i got as wet as i would have otherwise been. and my gloves stayed a lot more dry too. the temp was 14deg c, so not cold enough to notice any big improvement there.

i did notice that there is a LOT less wind noise though. it's still there, just not as bad. on the downside, with less air flow around my helmet, the visor was fogging up, and it has not done this on the maj before.

i rode home from work tonight in the pouring rain, about 35 mins / 30 km. i can now attest to the extra weather protection that the givi screen offers.

my hands (leather gauntlets) were not nearly as wet as they used to get in similar conditions, my upper body was also a lot drier , and i found that at speeds above 80 km/h, there was little water hitting my visor.

overall, i am very happy with the purchase of the screen.

Jason, you mention 'less noise." How is that working out? Do you wear earplugs?
there is less noise, but it's not a hude reduction.

i don't wear plugs (never have) as most of my rides are of a short nature (sub 40 mins).
when i go on my holiday in a few weeks, i will be weraing some form of ear protection then.

I've been riding with the Givi screen, as an upgrade from the stock Yam screen, for a few weeks now and thought I would share my impressions.

I'm 5'9" (175cm), but my height is all in my legs. My girlfriend is slightly under 5'0" (152cm) and has a long torso. When sitting we're eye-to-eye! I just say that as background before I say this: I have to sit bolt-upright and stretch my neck to see over the top of the Givi shield, and then only to the road about 30-40 feet ahead of me. Forget about looking directly at the road directly in front of me. So, unless you have a long torso, plan to keep your Givi screen very clean!

Thankfully, I don't see much of the optical distortion that others have complained about. The main reason it's so hard to see over is that while the Yam screen has the "Euro cut", the Givi is round over the top, highest in the middle.

It is definitely easier to duck behind the screen to take my helmet out of the wind, mostly for noise reduction.

My mileage has dropped a couple of mpg's, but I've also been riding faster (more experience and confidence), so I can't say it's the Givi that's causing the additional fuel usage.

The Givi definitely keeps some of the wind off the back of my gloves, but my poor little tips are still in the wind.

I think the Givi screen is ugly, with the round top and ridiculous hand deflection bulges, it has no grace.

I'm riding in very cold weather, so I'm glad I have the improved wind protection. In the late spring I might try the standard screen again, making sure that I wear earplugs for the increased wind noise.
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