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Givi TB47 Back Rest

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just wondering if anyone here has the givi TB47 Back Rest fitted ?

i have the givi V46 topcase fitted, and want to get the back rest too, but i would be interested in seeing better pics than are on the givi.it web site.

anyone have this back rest and can post some good pics ?
the givi.it page only shows pics from behind, so you cant see the shape of it where it counts (the bit you lean on)

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I mounted the TB47 and then mounted an E460 Monokey case with backrest pad.
The TB47 is very hard rubber and not particularly good as a comfortable backrest. In concert with the Givi backrest pad, however, it fills a niche as a nice low-back support while the Givi pad functions as a soft resting spot.
You've just got to spend a little "tweak-time" lining things up correctly.
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