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Givi Windshield & Givi V46 Top Case

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I have the Givi Windshield and it is much better than the stock but still too short. When I had my Reflex I bought the largest shield and really liked it. I am probably going to get the laminar lip for this one. But it is better than the stock shield.

I also have the Givi V46 Top Case and it adds a lot more storage and I don't feel it behind me. It is costly but well worth it. I can get 6-8 bags of grocery's with the top case and the seat. It is also the same color as my Majesty so it looks nice too.

Does anyone else have add-ons? I would like to know if anyone has the laminar lip even if it is not on the Majesty. Does it work better then without it? Some complain about the cost but if it cuts down on the buffetting than I would buy it.

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I would love to have the chance to try the lip. I have the Givi
& I am a bit bothered at the apparent flexing of the shield
at around 75 or so (Indicated speed). Too bad you can't try
them both out before you buy. I sent an E-mail to Clearview
asking if they have a shield & they replied they are
considering it. I believe the Burgman owners have shown a
clear preference for the Clearview.
I wondered why the Givi shield had the odd shape bubbles
on the hand extensions & accidently discovered they are to
allow for the handgrips when the handlebar is turned to full
lock. I suspect that may also be the explanation for the
cutouts on the side of the stock shield.
I don't have any experience with the laminar lip other than having seen one. "Arby" on Burgmanusa has one and said he really liked it. There is a discussion there by others that you might want to read. Here's the link:

http://burgmanusa.com/ipw-web/bulletin/ ... highlight=

(I hope this link copy and paste works)
I've been reading about buffeting/wind protection issues for many different bikes and scooters for a long time. I have yet to find any aftermarket windshield for any bike that receives as many positive reviews as the Laminar Lip. A rough guesstimate is that the average aftermarket windscreen has about a 60% satisfaction rate while the Lamiinar Lip hits at about 90%. I think for the cost and the satisfaction rate the Lip would be my first choice to try.
As for the price, I had info for the Suzuki V-Strom 650 handy but everthing should be similar for the Majesty:
All standard Laminar Lips are listed as $79.00.
The Rifle V-Strom windshield is $199.00
Saeng Winglets, a Lip like device is $134.95
Does the Givi windshield protect your hands any?
from the wind. But I wear gloves also. And Yes I recomend 1.
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