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Good First Bike?

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Hi All,

My wife really likes the Majesty as she is 5'7" and fits her very well. It is her first bike and I was wondering if she will be ok on it. I ride a Suzuki DL1000 and do multi day rides regularly and she has finally begun to show genuine anger at me having all the fun by myself. Whenever we ride 2 up she always gets off saying when do I get mine? I am not a speed demon and my work has me logging up to 700 miles a week at times, nearly all super slab so the DL1000 was my choice as it really doesn't have to work hard to carry my 280lbs along at 70-75mph. I do 80 when I need to get somewhere fast and am amazed at these new scooters that whizz by me all the time. I'm not worried about her keeping up with me as I am a slow rider and will probably be 2-upping with my 11 year old while she will be alone.

She has ridden a scooter before but only one of the small 50cc ones. We spent 3 days in Cancun riding the whole time and she was just fine. I'm just worried that she'll not respect the faster more powerfull 400cc bike and get herself into trouble.

Am I just being a worry wart? Does anyone think we might be making a bad choice pairing up my bike and a Majesty?

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Sounds like a great pairing of bikes to me anything smaller might be a too small for highway use. If she is comfortable on the bike then it should be no problem, she should take a MSF course though. I'm not sure how long you have been riding but I would suggest that you consider taking the course as well. It's funny but riders who have logged lots of miles tend to get complacent and the MSF courses serve to remind people what to watch for out on the road and to re-hone skills.

This is my first bike. I would think that the difference you can immediately feel between a 50cc scooter and a Majesty would be the weight. I described to someone recently how there's no clutch, just rear brake, front brake levers and they said, "Oh, like a bicycle." I replied, yes, like a 421 lb bicycle. It takes balance and coordination to ride something that size, not muscle. I have a 30" inseam, and I can comfortably flat foot the Maj. By all means take the MSF course. I did, I think it was invaluable, and I had never ridden before. Plus, you'll likely get a discount on your insurance.

And you're not pairing up your Suzuki and a Majesty, you're pairing up you and her. We have friends with a BMW 1200 and Yamaha R1 (a tad bit faster than our Majesties), and they ride with us when we ride.
My first week on my Majesty 400 - just upgraded from a 150cc scooter. Here is my feeling so far.

#1 change - weight.. It weighs more so this has been the hardest thing for me to get used to the first week. I can't just push it as easy when its turned off..making parking a little more challenging some times.

BUT WEIGHT is what I wanted...the 150cc scooter was half as heavy and a good wind would make me feel like I would BLOW over. So I think the weight is a good thing.

HEIGHT - Well I am 5'6 and I can almost flat foot. The Burgman I could flat foot...but chose the Maj because all the extra Maintenance involved in the Burgman..and the Burgman just seemed a rougher ride to me. (just my opinion).

SPEED...yes these things WILL WIZ!! But it feels very comfortable at speeds up to 80. I just want to watch it because...I don't want a ticket..and Motorcycles are attractive targets for Radar Guns. Its easy to do 10mph or more over...so I just have to watch it.

SPEED - Yes this is GOOD also. My 150cc was bogged down at streets of 45 and 50. Yes no problems getting there...but If I had to pass or go from 0 to 50...this took too long...on the MAJ it gets there fast..and I feel safe being able to pull away quickly from a bad situation.

I think this is an awesome ride / enough power to ride effectively and keep up with the big boys, yet smooth and easy for beginner riders...

I love mine so far!!!
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Sounds like a good choice. Another good option might be a Honda Reflex 250. I think it's a bit lighter, and it is very well liked by its owners, and can still get up to 80. The Honda Helix 250 is another possibility but it's not quite as fast and has smaller tires so it's not as steady at higher speeds, and though comfortable, it doesn't have the looks of the Reflex or the Maj. It should be easy to sit on them at the showroom and get a feel for the weight at the least.

Maby better choice will be Yamaha Maxxam / Morphous?
It have all Helix advantages and modern design and engine.
Looks beautiful. Meny poeple in Poland would to have Yamaha Maxxam but it superior in Europe.
I think she chose an outstanding bike to start with a Majesty. I have had no problem keeping up with the 'standard' bikes on rides with the clubs I belong to.
Are you being a worry wart? . . . . YES! No offence, but remember that she doesn't have the testosterone :lol: and probably won't be riding 70 or 80mph until she has her skills down. I would be more worried about her having a 250cc (less power to get out of situations) and not taking the Rider Safety (MSF) class (I assume she has). I too moved from a 50cc to the Majesty and recognised the difference in power and respected it accordingly.

At 5'7", she likely is nearly flat-foot when straddling the seat. Whilst it is slightly heavier than the Rebel 250, the added power that the 400cc affords will allow her to ride more comfortably with you on your bike and not feel like she is "killing the gerbils" on the 250. At 5'5" and 110, I have had no problems with the weight of the bike. It is very well-balanced.

As for other bikes, personally, I would not ride the Morphus on the freeway or very busy streets. Because it sits SO low, it makes it easier for cages to not see you or look beyond and forget you are there. I also would not recommend a Helix. The trailing arm suspension makes the bike pull when it corners. Although I'm sure people adjust to it, it's a very scary ride.

The only thing I would recommend is to add the passenger backrest for your 11-year old to sit against. I would do this on any scoot or motorcycle on which I plan to have a passenger.
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