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Got room for a Burgman owner in here?

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I'm normally a poster at the Burgman sister site. Same username, same avatar, same time, same channel. Thought I'd register here and expand my horizons. While I ride a Suzuki, I believe, like most of you for sure, that the Majesty and Burgman 400 are twin daughters of different mothers and that we all are connected far more by our enjoyment we have on the bikes that we are by any nameplate or badge.

I'm a noob on the scooter. Indeed, I'm new on a motobike by any description. Having some fun although my only rides have been commuting through the traffic jungle that is the Silicon Valley. Although I bought my bike "used", it only has 400 miles on it now and is still not fully broken in.

At some point I hope to join in a group ride or at least meet some of my scooting brethren. A San Francisco South Bay set of loosely associated Burgman owners do group rides and I hope riders of any maxi-scoot are invited to participate. The Bay Area is a great place to ride. I'm more familiar with the backroads from the saddle of a bicycle than by a motor bike but bet I'll enjoy it all the same if only at bit higher velocity.

Just a reminder, regardless of what you ride, you're invited to register at the BurgmanUSA. Many of the issues are shared across the brands.

dave B.
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join the club.......

we have a club here in sydney that meets once a month for regular ride days.

doesnt matter what make (or size) scoot. all are welcome to come and have a great day out.

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