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Got the airhawk cushion today

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My order came in today and gave the airhawk a test..all i can say is no more monkey butt :D ..This for me is well worth the money as comfort on thoese long 200 + mile days is going to be much more pleasing..The medium size fits perfect for the majesty.. I Got mine for $130.00 but its now back up to $148.95 :shock: ...Might search for better price elsewhere ..http://www.cyclesaddles.com/home/Accessories/Airhawk_sytles.htm
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Found it again for $130.00 here :arrow: http://www.derbycycles.com/cgi-bin/eShop/index.cgi?pid=200
Can you post a picture of how it would look on the bike?
Ok here ya go..
bigger pic in my galleryhttp://majestyusa.com/gallery/My-Ride/
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NICE! Too bad it would make my seat too tall for me to reach the ground. I'm a bit altitude-challenged. :?
The airhawks are hand-made by repeatedly dipping a form into a very special neoprene -- hence the cost. Owners seem to find the quality of the product to be impressive. An Airhawk will stay where you put it, so you don't have to strap it on if you don't want to. The instructions call for the airhawk only to be inflated to where your butt is 1/2" higher than "bottoming out." Consider that when calculating whether it really will make you not be able to flat foot or not.

Currently, Cyclesaddles charges $148 TOTAL = free shipping.

Currently Derby charges $130+ 16.95 (to my zip) S&H = $146.95

At the Derby site, to find out your shipping charges, put something in the shopping cart, "complete order," and just put your zip code in and at the bottom of the page hit VERIFY ORDER. That's how you get the complete cost. It's a very awkward way to serve the customer, but that's how you do it.
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