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gpsnut2003 has been promoted to moderator!

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To help with the growing needs of MajestyUSA, gpsnut2003 will now be part of the MajestyUSA moderator team. Im sure jason/gpsnut2003 will be doing a fine job of keeping the site on track. Please welcome him with open arms and give him a big congratulations!

Thanks and Congrats gpsnut2003! :cheers: :headbang: :wav:
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Welcome :cheers: , and congrats :thumbright:
Congratulations or condolences, as you prefer, Jason!
thanks guys / girls....

ill do my best at helping the site run as smoothly as possible.

Congratulations Jason!


.......and welcome from the other side of the world! :wave:
Way to go Jason - this calls for a ride !

Welcome, Jason! What's it like riding a Maj on the left side?

as for the "left" side ?

i thought that you guys ride on the "wrong" side ? :lol: :lol:

i have never been outside oz (yet) but i have an aunt that's living in San Fran, so im gonna get there someday........

I updated the forum to a newer version. The previous theme has not been updated yet, so for now, we will all be using this current look.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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