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Greetings from San Mateo, CA

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I've graduated from a 2005 Hond/Elite 80 to my royal blue 2005 Majesty
and totally love the performance and comfort of it ! :D What a difference a "few more" cc's make !!
Love this Forum, great organization. Have been enjoying taking part in it for about a week now.
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Welcome Vicky! :D QUite a jump from an 80 to a 400. You are a part of a very new community here. Enjoy your stay.
Nice to do more than 45mph, isn't it?
I still have my old Elite80. "Resale Red" colour :wink:

Welcome to the forum!
Thanks for the welcome! Sorry it took me so long to respond to your replies, but once those holidays kick in, we all get pretty busy!!

Well, it's over now.....enjoy it, but always glad to get back to normal routines!

It's been too rainy here in Calif. for the last few weeks to ride..... :(
Sure feel it when it comes to filling the SUV's gas tank! :cwm10:

How's riding been for you two?
Are you and your family (including Majesty, of course) safe from the flooding & mud slides? I pray all is well for you.
I'm waiting for a cast to come off my wrist, so no riding here (not safe with limited wrist mobility) :cry: Unfortunately, I fell and tried to catch myself :roll: (I should know better...)
It's been hard since the weather has been in the upper 70s or 80s-- even on New Years!
Sorry to hear about your wrist, what a bummer! :cry:
Well, today is our 1st sunny day in quite awhile, but due to all I have to get done today, I don't think I'll be riding. Plus the forcast is for the rain to start up again on Friday.....so I'll be stuck in my cage again.. :iroc:

Hope you heal quickly and well so that you can enjoy riding again! Especially since you've got that great weather down there in Texas right now!
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