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Greetings from Sydney, Australia

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hi all,

im from sydney, australia.

i bought my 05 Maj 400 about 3 months ago, and have done 6500km so far.

had one "issue" during that time but was dealt with very quickly under warranty by my dealer.

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Welcome along to the Forum, Jason! I've always wanted to visit Australia but, alas, I can only do so by collecting postage stamps! Maybe you can post some photos of your bike and area in the Gallery soon. (Please??) Enjoy the BEST scoot on the road!!
Welcome to the board. G'day mate :lol: That's a fair bit of scoot'n. If ya don't mind, what had to be repaired?
i have some pics up on my web page. i will post some links soon.

as far as what was replaced, i had an issue where the engine was frequently stalling for no apparent reason.

if i accelerated from a stop, then closed the throttle suddenly, sometimes the engine would not idle, it would just stop. this made traveling in heavy stop start traffic very interesting ! i once nearly got run into from behind by a large truck as i closed the throttle the engine stopped, then i had to brake (to allow me to re start the engine)

to cut to the chase, yamaha australia has an "updated" ECU for the Majesty YP400. they replaced the ecu about 3 weeks ago, and it has not happened since.

Interesting! I recently noticed that on occasion my bike would stall when accelerating from a full stop. It's happened about 3 times over the past couple months and I thought it was "bad gas". Thanks so much for the heads-up m8! :shock:
no probs.

check with your dealer, as they might have the same for yours.
the dealer rang yamaha australia, and they asked him for the vin #.
based on the vin #, they told him that they would send the updated ecu.

and here are some pics of my maj.
theye are not great pics, ill get more soon.








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These are GREAT pics! I especially like your GPS mount. I take it you have it powered by the bike? (I see charging connections on the mount in the last pic). Your colour coordinated topcase also is lovely (so much nicer than the generic gray Givi case). Email Greengoose (the Admin) and ask for a Gallery account. You can also post the pics there and more people will see them.
Thanks m8!
i will do that once i get some nicer pics.

also, yes the gps is owered from the maj once its in the bracket, and by internal battery once you remove it.

i agree that the color coded case looks heaps better. it took me a lot of messing about to get the blue cover too :D

sorry, all the pics are now oin the gallery section.

"jasons 400"
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