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Greetings from the Frozen North / Duluth, MN

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Just purchased a beautiful Candy Apple Red 2006 and have been riding it for a few weeks. I've rode all my life, but this bike has been the most fun by far. If your ever this far north drop me a line and we'll go for a ride.

Would love to ride around Lake Superior if anyone is up for it!!

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Andrew, It would be great to get together for a ride. But it will probably have to be a little ways down the road. I'm totally new to scooters or cycles so I'll need some miles and practice under my belt first. Today I took some laps around the Nemadji Golf Course parking lot. I do have your cell number. But I notice that your e-mail address isn't listed in the membership list. Neither is mine. I meant for it to be listed when I gave it. But apparently I must have checked the wrong box. Mine is [email protected].
Welcome to the forum, Andrew! My husband's family is from Duluth, so I am frequently regaled with, "one of these days, we need to take the bikes up to Minnesota and go riding up near Duluth". I keep tempting him with a few summers riding to each of the ten thousand lakes!
I can't wait to see the scenery in person!!
Hi, Andrew. Glad to hear you are enjoying your Majesty, even though Duluth has been still on the chilly side until this week.

If you are ever down the Twin Cities way on your maxiscooter give us a shout and perhaps we can link up. I'll be sure to do the same should I make up you way this year.
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