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Greetings from The Old Dominion

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Hello all. I'm Wayne. 53, I live at a wide spot in the road called Chancelorsville, near Fredrecksburg, Virginia. I'm new to motorcycles of any kind. My 2006 Majesty 400 is my first.

I probably know a lot of you from the Burgman board. I don't intend to abandon that site.


Here's a picture of my Majesty.

And thanks Greengoose.
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Glad to see our favourite blessed rider made it along to here. BTW - How did you come about the name CajunBass?
I used to run Cajun bass boats back in the mid 80's to the mid 90's. (Best bass boat EVER made.) When Cajun was bought out by Genmar, I made the jump to Javelin, but was too lazy to change my name.
Hi Cajun,

I am in Lynchburg and just bought my Majesty about 2 weeks ago. This is my second bike, the first one was Chinese junk of the 150cc variety. The Chinese junk served as an adequate learning platform, but the majesty allows me to spread my wings and fly! If you ever get down this way, look me up. BTW, I am 53 as well.
Hi. Sounds like everyone know you already. Glad you finally bought one.

I got my first bike a 250 Kawasaki back in 1980, when my husband decided to pull out too fast at a red light and I almost was road pizza.
Wish I had done it four years earlier instead of being a passenger.
Now I'm 52. Bought a 650 in 2003, traded for an 800 in 2004 and decided I missed my little bike. So bought a 150 (actually a PGO from Taiwan) but it has a Piaggio motor so I don't consider it junk.
Had trouble shifting because of knee problems so tried the Majesty.
Now I'm hooked. Easy to ride, moves almost like the big bike (a little slower on takeoff - but what the heck, can still beat most cars) .
I've always driven very defensively and am not a speed demon but once in a while you get those jerks at red lights. Especially with a girl on a bike.

Welcome to the world of two wheels. Happy scooting.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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