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Hand warmers?

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Alright, What are ya'll using to keep your hands warm when the temp drops into the 30's or lower? Got some great mitt things that do a decent job, but they definitely got cool after 30 or so miles at 35F. Going 70mph may not have helped either. :roll: Anyway, I'm open to suggestions. Anyone installed heated grips yet? If so brand, feedback and cost would be great! Thanks in advance: Glenn
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I've never had heated grips on a bike, but on my snowmobiles, they have kept me warm down to about -25C (-13F) using winter gloves. Nothing fancy just nylon shell, thinsulate insulation, leather palm.

Some hand guards along with the heated grips would be the best way to go.
I've found a pair of thin wool gloves, under a pair of mittens works pretty well. I've got a pair of "motorcycle mitts" that work great, but at high speed, you have to pay attention because the air resistance will push them back against the brake levers to light the brake lights. Under 55 they're ok. I just don't use them on the interstate.

I also keep a supply of the "Hot Hands" type chemical hand warmers on the bike, so I can drop them inside the mittens if needed.
I have a pair of the NAPA Glovesmodel 820TL, made of deerskin with thinsulate and long gauntlets. They are wonderful and keep my hands warm at 50mph in 35degF weather. They were very affordable $25 and well worth the cost. Bought them at a local motorcycle shop.
I stick them in my pockets!!! :shock:

No, I actually have just a pair of leather gloves with thin insulation inside !!
They worked fine in 44 degree weather. Stopped riding below that temp!!

Perhaps the most noticeable benefit I've had from the switch to the Givi windscreen has been the increased hand protection from the wind. The little "winglets" above the hands make a noticeable difference on my paws in the winter. This might be the sole reason I've kept it.
Tie, can you post a couple of pictures of that windshield?
Pic at twisted throttle site

Givi Windscreen
Hi Glennd,
I purchased heated handgrips that cost me $76.00 from my local motorcycle dealership. Installation was ALOT more....$160.00, but hey, I sure couldn't have done it! I can't tell you what brand they are though. All the invoice says is "Hot Grips Stree Cycle". It was one of those things where you order something out of their store catalog that has to be installed professionally, you never get the unit handed to you in a box, so you don't see the product until it's installed. No box, no literature. Never even thought about it. So can't help you w/the brand, sorry.

I can tell you though, that they REALLY do help! Even though I live in sunny California, we get cold weather too here on the coast. I tried liners for my top-o-the-line leather gloves and that didn't help at alll.
I'd heard of heated hand grips and that sounded sooo nice, that money was no object. One cannot ride w/frozen fingers, right??

Ok, just wanted to share my experience. Hope it helps if you haven't already found anything to work for you in that area.
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I thought your input about the Givi windshield w/hand wings was interesting. I have the stock windshield on my Maj/400, and like that I can easily see the roadway w/o any distortion through the windshield. I thought there might be some if I went to a higher windshield. Do you experience any of that? Even though I have heated handgrips which feel great, the tops of my hands still get cold. This is why I'm interested in your windshield. I think that the hand wings would help w/that issue.

Thanks for your input.
Thanks to all. I'll order the Givi w/s, install heated grips, wear Napa gloves and put my hands in Kims pockets. :roll: Actually some great ideas. Will post pic's of mitt's that worked pretty well at 35F for 90 miles. Hands got a li'l cool after 60 miles though.

The Givi is only about 3-4" higher than the stock shield but only in the middle. I am getting the Laminar Lip since the Givi still isn't tall enough for me. I'm 6' tall and would like a few more inches since I still get a lot of buffeting. If you are thinking of buying a Givi windshield it says you live in San Mateo. I live in Fremont California so if you would like to see mine on my Majesty just reply to this.

Hi Jeff,
You're right across the San Mateo Bridge from me. I'm in San Mateo at the Mariners Island onramp to eastbound Hwy 92. Yes, I think I'd like to see your windshield. So, do you agree w/Tifighter, regarding the windshield's hand "wings" helping alot to deflect wind from hands?


It seems to help. But then again I don't get too cold. I lived in the Midwest until I was 36 and worked outside there too, so the cold doesn't really bother me much. But the Givi is much better than the stock screen.

Cold, you Californians got a lot of gall saying it gets cold there. Your average low is higher than we get all day! We've already had 10 inches of snow and hit 6 degrees below zero. I have ridden down into the mid 20s for short distances, under 20 miles with a Givi windshield and an under glove that's supposed to be windproof and an over glove that has many layers I got at motorcyclecloseouts.com. I think I'm gonna order some of those snowmobile mits, this site has them for a good price, http://www.bargainoutfitters.com/cb/cb. ... S3&i=78014 JC
I've got a pair of those mitts, and they work great except for one thing. Wind drag on them will press the mitt against your brake levers, just enough to light up your brake lights. It doesn't seem to be a problem on my bike until I get above about 55 mph. They do keep your hands warm.

That's a good price. I got them at a local Gander Mountain for about that, and have seen them at some Wally Worlds for less.
I know.....we're such sissies here in Calif when it comes to weather! So spoiled for the most part. Now, TODAY, it was storming like crazy on the way to work! Rain, thunder, lightening, high winds, etc.
My work is police dispatch, so you can imagine how busy it was!
Just ck'd the forcast, and it's rain rain rain for the next FOUR days. Bummer! Can't ride!
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