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Has anyone tried the wind deflectors?

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http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/produ ... etail.aspx

Are they of any value? Can you put your feet forward when
these are installed?
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$95 for two bits of plastic?! I'd make my own for that much!
I have to admit, they are pricey. You will have to find someone who has taken the leap of faith with a bigger wallet then the rest of us. Im sure they are of good quality and fit comming from Yamaha.
Suzuki? Bryan, you're getting your marques mixed!
Wyldman said:
Suzuki? Bryan, you're getting your marques mixed!
SHHH! It's fixed! :oops: :oops: (Almost as bad as calling my wife by an x-girlfriends name. Never actually happened.)
I keep waiting for someone to take the plunge on these things to see if they work. A little validation might make me look at them more seriously.

Hey gruntled, I hear these things improve the instrument visibility at speed; might be worth a look?
I have seen a picture of what may be the same items installed
on a Silverwing. If they are the same they are much larger
than that picture makes them look.
The instument panel at night is lit up like a Christmas tree.
My problem is seeing it in the daylight when the sun is
anywhere ahead of me & I am wearing sunglasses.
I had the leg wind deflectors put on when I purchased the Majesty so I really can't say how much difference they make. I can tell you that I've done some cold weather riding and my legs don't get too cold. Wind turbulence around my legs is minimal.
You are right that they aren't that big but they fit well. I can't say for sure that they were worth the money but I'd like to think that they were. :wink:
How big are they? Width, heigth & do they interfere with placing your feet forward? (Are they too narrow to allow for your feet being placed in the forward area or do they obstruct getting your feet down when you have to?)
I haven't learned how to post pictures but if you can that would be a big help.
I'll try and answer your questions as best I can from memory. It's getting late and the Maj is covered and trying to keep warm in my partially heated garage.
They really arent that big, I would say that they are about 3' wide at the top and taper down to approx 1" at the bottom. They are a couple of feet high. They have NEVER "got in the way" at any time. I believe that they are mounted flush with the running board because they do not interfere with placing your feet anywhere.
Pics are out of the question at this time and I doubt they would help anyway. (they are black and my bike is dark grey) If my bike was red or blue, a picture would probably assist.
I really wish that I could be more help than this. I can only assume that they improve leg protection because it is very good. In fact it's awesome compared to my previous cruiser. I'd like to think thay Yamaha wouldn't sell a totally useless accessory but that's a bit of blind faith isn't it?
I found some pictures of a Silverwing with them. Would they
be similar to these pictures?

I like to sit cruiser-style with my heels at the front of the horizontal part of the floorboards and my toes pointing upward. I find that the inclined portion of the floorboards to be too narrow. Do these deflectors effectively widen that foot rest area?

Does my question even make sense?
RonStewart said:
I like to sit cruiser-style with my heels at the front of the horizontal part of the floorboards and my toes pointing upward. I find that the inclined portion of the floorboards to be too narrow. Do these deflectors effectively widen that foot rest area?

Does my question even make sense?
Ron, your question does indeed make sense and the picture at the link below shows that the deflectors do indeed work well with the cruiser riding position.


For what it's worth, I found the picture at the German Majesty website I posted a link to in the Web Links section. If anyone hasn't checked that site out, do so as there are a ton of good photos!
I finally got to take a couple of pictures of my wind deflectors (sorry about the garage mess). Go to the Gallery, look under the photo gallery called "Majesty with Yamaha Rear Top Box & wind deflectors". When you enlarge the photos, I think you'll get an idea of what they look like.
As for increasing the foot rest area: Well it does make it wider and it is flush but you must remember that these things are just glued on, so I don't know how much pressure they can take.
Hope this helps.
The pictures seem to indicate that the Honda & Yamaha wind
deflectors are at least similar if not the same item. I think
the pictures show that they are larger than they appeared to
be in the picture that only shows the parts.
My concerns that they might interfere with placing your feet
or hang your feet up when you need to quickly put them down
appear to be unfounded. The question of how effective they
are is still a bit up in the air but I think I will give them a try.
I've wasted a lot more money over the years in things that
didn't pan out so another hundred won't break me.
Great, gruntled! You be the Guinea pig, and report back!
Put them on this fall, just in time for the colder weather (Central WI).

I was a bit worried about the price, as the quality has a bit to be desired for close to 100$, but easy to put on, and man they make a difference.

There is no change in floor space, as they only wing out the side, not back any farther than stock, fit is very good once on.

Performance is great, I notice very little wind on my legs anymore, and no noticed increase in wind noise. These should have been designed into the Majesty stock.

I have the Givi, and the side deflectors, and even put some Suzuki VStrom hand guards on the hand grips, and I can ride this bike much more confortable and longer into the colder months.

When I get to my storage unit I will snap some pics and post them..

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I ordered them today, now all I have to do is wait.
I put the wind deflectors on both of my Majesties. I cannot tell a great deal of difference in the amount of wind that they deflect, but I do think they add a more finished look to the scoot. As to whether they are worth the money, I would leave that up to you to decide. Mine cost $65, still somewhat high for what they are, but all accessories from Yamaha are expensive.

Still, they look nice..........
Finally recieved them. Istallation is quick & easy but you do have to drill four small holes. They say use a 2mm or 3/32nds in drill. Since 2mm
is quite a bit less I would suggest using that as the screws will be a tighter
Since it was so warm today I can't really say how effective they are but they are a bit smaller than I expected. As noted above they do not
interfere with your feet in any way.
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