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Hello everyone.
I'm looking to buy two way radio's and headsets to use when my friend and I are out riding so I though I would ask all of you for any recomendations you might have.
There are just to many confusing choices out there. We both wear full face helmets and dont want to break the bank buying these :wink:

Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.
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Every report I hear says that if you go cheap, you won't be satisfied

Lots of long distance BMW riders use Autocom. They seem to have a sale on right now, but they ain't cheap. http://www.autocomamerica.com

For Autocom, I would trust Brown Motor Works of Pomona, California. http://www.brownbmw.com . Ask for Fernando. He tells me that he still has stock at deep discount, but may well sell out this weekend. No, I have no vested interest in his income, but I understand that he gives good service and support.

Even more expensive, and supposedly favoured by Gold Wing riders is Baehr. It's a Danish company, and I don't know how to get their stuff in the US, but I know that it is available.


I have not tried any of these products. I am filtering opinions of people I respect. You can read a lot of discussion on the topic at bmwst.com.
Wow thanks for the info.
The Autocom units are looking like something my partner and I will invest in. More than we wanted to spend but, when we started talking about it these units just started looking like what we want.

I knew these boards were gonna be great! :lol:
dont know if you went ahead with the autocom units or not, but i thought id post my experience here.

i have just bought and installed the autocom active 7 sport system.
it works very well, has enough inputs for just about anything (music / 2way / mobile phone / gps and pillion to rider)

it was not a cheap setup, but you get what you pay for,

jason in oz
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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