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Helllo from Oklahoma City, OK

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I purchased my 2005 Gray Majesty in September 2004 and I just love this ride. I did cave to the so called peer pressure of owning a 'real' MC in Dec. 2004 and also purchased a V Star 650 Classic. Even though I have put approx. 7K miles on the V Star since purchasing it I have put 9500 miles on my Majesty and she is still my bike of choice. I'll probably be putting my V Star up for sale this spring as she usually just sits in the garage since having had the opportunity to ride both bikes and loving the Majesty more and more with each ride.

I originally was going to purchase the Suzuki Burgman 400 but when I went to the dealer to look at one the salesman wouldn't give me the time of day. Really irritated me but his loss. Then I saw the Majesty on the Yamaha web site and was thankful that the Suzuki salesman was such an A**.

I have ridden the Majesty on long trips from OKC to NM, touring around the metro area to small towns,etc and around town locally for fun and errands and poker runs. This bike is such an all purpose machine no 'real' MC compares in my opinion.

Shortly after purchasing my Majesty I went on my first poker run with it. I was the only scooter rider there and suffered the snide comments from the Harley riders about how this was a poker run not a run around the block run baby run or something to that effect. Anyway after we got to the next stop to draw cards the same HD guy came up to me and said, 'lady, I think I owe you an apology, that scooter of yours really runs - what size motor is that?" LOL

Scooters in the USA will grow in popularity as more and more people are starting to ride. So the snide comments I have received just demonstrate a lack of intelligence and don't bother me anymore.

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Hello Jodi!

I remember you from the Yahoo Majesty Group. Welcome to MUSA! I agree no motorcycle compares to these machines. They are really in a class by themselves.

:lol: :wink: :lol: :wink:
Welcome Jojococomo glad you could join the community.
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