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Hello form Windlake, WI

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Just got my 2005 blue Majesty, upgraded from a Quinqi 50cc, Convinced my wife it was not a motorcycle, but a scooter........... Just love riding this thing, twist and go much nicer than gearing for me. I purchased a set of speakers and an amp that you can use with an MP3, or cd player. Found it on Ebay $160. Well worth it, easy install and look real sharp on the scoot. I just joined this forum and am looking forward to good chat and longer rides. Ride safe all.
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Howdy & welcome along to the forum. :thumbup: Be prepared to have lots of people stop and ask you about your scoot. nce your wife sees how much fun it is (and how much she can carry in the trunk) you may end up getting a second one for her!

Just remember the Blue ones are the faster, sexier scoots! :wink:
First week on the bike and already been stopped. Once at Walmart. Typical opening " How do you like it?" then the "I've got the honda or suszuki". It's realy quite fun. Had a leather back stop me, after the intimidation factor wore off, he said "sharp looking bike, what's the mileage? ". I must say that the Hog boys are really accepting of anything on two wheels versus the rockets boys. ride safe all
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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