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Hello from an "Other" Scooter Owner

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Hi All-

Just dropping in to say hello and catch some scooter chat. I currently own a 2006 Big Ruckus and am having a blast on it. Gets kind of lonely though- not too many BR owners around yet!

Take care and ride safe-

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Welcome along to the forum! As long as it's two wheels you are more than welcome to join in the fun. If you can, please post some pictures of your ride in the Gallery. The Ruckus is not readily available in some areas and it would be nice to see one.
Hello bjb,

The first time I saw the Big Ruckus I was unimpressed. A year passed, and then in January I had a second meeting with one at a motorcycle show. It was a lonely machine with no one paying any attention to it. I looked, sat on it, looked some more and came away with a second impression of it being one very cool scooter. I'm not sure if 250cc's would be enough for my purposes, but I would like to test ride one and find out. Have you seen some of the excellent accessories available from BattleScooter?


I will post some pictures to the gallery tomorrow- I've taken a few, although not as many as I'd like since I bought the BR in mid-November.

Getting the BR was a long process- We won a 50cc version in a raffle and it was a blast, but I was initially unimpressed with the "Big" version- when I considered it's price tag- and passed it up in '05. I was very, very heavily considering either the Burg 400 or the Majesty when we saw a new '06 and I let the sales folks (who we know fairly well) talk me into test riding it.

The Big Ruckus is different in more than looks- it's handling is absolutely exceptional and it's ability to stay steady as a rock on darn near ANY surface is amazing. We get a lot of wind and my little 'naked' scooter doesn't care- the only thing that gets buffeted is ME!

Yes, I agree a 250cc is a bit under-powered- particularly now, with the new emissions standards- but I ride a lot more 50-60mph rough back roads than I do interstate. (I also have an MC- at least at this point). I'm actually very impressed with the little 'urban commando'- If more folks gave one a test ride, I think you'd see a lot more of them on the road!

PS- I've owned a Reflex, a Silverwing, ride MCs, and spent a lot of time on my daughter's Vino 125- so loving the BR was actually a surprise...
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