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Hello from Arkansas

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Hello Everyone,

Bought my Majesty Dec. 17 , and couldn't be happier with its purchase. Looked at alot of scooters for over a year before deciding on the Majesty. Rolled 600 miles on her in just over 2 weeks time, and all of it trouble free so far. Been riding bikes since age 12 and at 44 now been more than a few miles. The majesty is just plain and simple FUN to ride, it has to be the most comfortable seat ever to have been installed on a bike. Hope to see some of you out on the roads!!
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Welcome. Glad ya found us. Sounds like you're enjoying yours enough for yourself and someone else that's got icy roads and can't ride. :lol:
Welcome from your friendly neighbourhood Moderator. With 600 miles in 2 weeks, you may be heading for our annual mileage record! :shock: To put on that much mileage I guess you don't have much snow right now, eh?
Luckily this far south snow is very infrequent, last two weeks average temp lower 60's. I ride everyday, what can I say it's my way to work!! Wife gives me a ride when it ices up, only happened 2 times in as many years. I was on a Suzuki GS500 E for the last 3 years, %^#*$ glad to be behind a fairing now. Thanks for the welcomes, hope you guys get to do more riding soon!!

That's a pretty scoot ! Wish I had got a lighter gray when I got mine, but I'll just have to be visible in other ways. Perhaps a flag or two or bright orange clothing.

I got my '05 Majesty just about 2.5 months ago and have managed to put 1455 miles on it thus far. Got out yesterday (1-4-2005) for a 60 mile ride.

I think you made a wise choice with your Majesty. Enjoy and good to have you here on this Forum. Greengoose has really created a great site.

Ride safe:

Pikeville, Kentucky
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