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Hello from Austin

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Glad to have found this site!!! I am picking up my second Majesty tomorrow!! First one was totaled about 9 months ago. I ran into the back of a Ford Explorer at 40m.p.h. It kinda hurt. Yeah ok well looking forward to reading and writing posts in the future. Nice to be here TA>>>>>
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Howdy from Houston! There's a whole gaggle of Majesty & Burgman riders from the southeast Texas area. As spring progresses, I expect that there will be lots of group rides this year. (Work permitting, I'm hoping to organise one to the next rally on Galveston Island).
Glad YOU are OK after totaling your first Majesty. (The bike can always be replaced.) Austin is a great location to be able to ride through the hill country, go get some great ice cream (Brenham) or ride to watch a great football team (WHOOOOP!) :thumbup:
Hope to see you frequently on the forum and look forward to hearing how you like your new scoot! :wink:
cporter45, glad your back in the saddle! Like Blex' i'm down here in H-town and hope to see you some day on the road!
Actually I'm a bit jealous of Austin's scenery; my topography consists of high-rises and overpasses. :D
btw, what wisdom could you pass along to help us from same mistake?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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