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Hello from Cookeville, Tennessee.

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Hi, I own a 2005 Yamaha Majesty which has only 450 miles on it. It's great to ride it because I don't need to stop and get gas for it like a car would have to. I'm glad to find this website about other people owning the Yamaha Majesty to.

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Hi, welcome!
Welcome -- let us know what you think of your bike as you get going, and be sure to locate yourself on the Frappr site (see the home page upper right corner).
Welcome along to the forum! :wave: As you've already figured out, you just purchased the greatest scoot. Hope you get a chance to ride a lot while it's still so comfortable outside. I get a feeling that we're going to have a very hot summer across the nation. Please remember to Gear Up no matter what the temperature is!
Look forward to hearing about some of your rides!
Good to have you here Scooterman45. You can pick up a lot of good information on these pages. The Majesty is a lot of bang for the buck in my opinion.
the majesy is my wifes ride but i talked her into it,i ride it more than she does ,as in back forth work all week 17 miles on way,i have an 03 bmw r1150r but would rather rid the maj on shorter trips and around town,love it birdslayer chatt tn :D
Welcome to the site, scooterman! It's a fun site, I've learned a lot reading the postings. I'm from Tennessee and I can imagine how much fun a Maj would be there. Also, I know you don't pronounce the "k" in Cookeville. Have fun on your 2005 Maj!
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