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Hello from Grand Prairie Texas.

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I ride a 400 Burgman 2004 Grey model. But I almost did buy the Majesty. The only Thing about the Majesty that I did not like was seat height, width. I want to flatfoot my bike. Majesty is too high for me, But I think that It is a great Bike.
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Welcome to the forum! We'll forgive you for buying a Burger... :lol: :p :lol: (just kidding, of course).
If you haven't already, check out http://www.burgmanusa.com
It is a great site and has lots of photos in the galery of modifications members have done to their bikes. I've been able to get lots of ideas for future mods for my Majesty from the photos.

BTW - is it getting to be riding weather there yet? It's actually gotten rather chilly in Houston (40degF). :wink:
:D Now however it is raining. But hopefully tomorrow it will stop.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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