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Hello from Michigan

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Just bought an '05 Majesty in November. Moved up from a '02 Flex. So far it's great, but after about 260? miles, it looks like I'm waiting till spring to really experience it, unless we can get all this snow and ice off the ground.

Hi to everyone from the yahoo group!
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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

I hate winter!!! Can't wait til spring. Although I can still ride now and then I live in California and there is no snow in my area!!!! I just don't like the rain!

Welcome to the forum Steve! Glad you could make it. :D
Welcome along Steve! I definitely don't miss the bitter winters in Lansing when I attended MSU. I do miss the trees and the Red Cedar River, Michigan has some of the nicest scenery to ride through.
Welcome to the Majesty group.
If you feel like riding to Vancouver, BC, please let me know; I might be home to give you free board and lodging.
Welcome to the site. Yeehaw, folks are finding this place... Looked at the Reflex myself and wanted a silverwing, but $ gets in the way at times.
Hi Steve:
Welcome to the forums here, sure you'll enjoy the camaraderie here.
I live in the north too (Hamilton, Ont.) and hate the snow. Don't be afraid to ride'r in the cold though. I went for a ride the other day on dry roads, sunny, not much wind and it was only 20 degrees. It wasn't exactly warm but it sure was nice to get back in the saddle if only for a half hour or so.
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