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Hello from NE Georgia

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I'm nearing the 1,000 mark on my new red Maj. and enjoying more than one ought to! I last 2-wheeled about 10 years ago.

I have greatly enjoyed all the helpful info I have found on this site. Thanks to all for your help and I hope to be able to participate.
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Welcome, David! I grew up in Macon and never heard of a Hoschton, GA?!

You'll find, if you read this site thoroughly, that the Cherry Red Maj's are faster than any other:).

Dee Willis
1964 Cushman Eagle
1973 Vespa 150
2006 Cherry Red Maj
Welcome David. I'm originally from Athens, but maybe GADawg gave that away.
Well, howdy Pilgrim! I'm a Georgia boy too! Born in Athens, but grew up in Tennessee and North Carolina. You got the best color... the Candy Red is the fastest model, so try not to speed!
Hello and welcome to MUSA! I know you're gonna love it here! This place and the sister site www.burgmanusa.com have the complete table of knowledge and fun for maxi-scooters...

Have fun!
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