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Hello from Olympia Washington

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I have been looking at scooters for sometime now,my wife and I finally decided on a pair of you guessed it majestys!Its got good looks,handles nice,reliable,fast ,list goes on.We picked them up about a month ago, last years model 2005s still in crates for 5k each.So far ive installed a 12v power point mounted it in the locking glove box,installed a pair of real horns from a ford mustang.Most of our friends own Harleys,they laughed when i told them we purchased scooters.Until they actually saw them!Anyways I am new here and happy to be a member.Steve Owsley
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Welcome, Steve, from the east side of the state! I'll bet you'll love your Maj's. This is a good site, too. Enjoy.


Dee Willis
1964 Cushman Eagle
1973 Vespa 150
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Howdy :wave: and welcome to the forum! Look forward to hearing about your bike and rides.
Hello and welcome to MUSA! The best site on the net for everything Majesty! Need another reference? Try the sister site www.burgmanusa.com Between the 2, you find everything there is to know in the max-scooter world......

Have fun!

Hi. Glad you joined the group. I ride with a lot of motorcycle riders too. Had knee problems and was having trouble shifting so bought my majesty.

Was apprehensive at their response. It was quite the opposite of what I expected. They said I had a "Cadillac". I was riding behind a couple for three hours and they thought I had a sport bike until someone else asked me about it. Then they took notice.

We'll be more accepted as time goes on because there are more of us scooter owners every day.
pamb said:
We'll be more accepted as time goes on because there are more of us scooter owners every day.
Then we can all belong to a MOG chapter...

Moped Owner's Group... :D

<ducking and running>
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