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Hello from Poland

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My name is Rafal. I'm 33 years old and I live in little town in the bigest agglomeration in Central Europe. My town name is Czeladz. It is located in south Poland. I live here with my wife and 10 years old daughter.I have a Yamaha Majesty YP 250 produced in 2002y. I registered in this forum becouse we haven't in Poland a Majesty forum and website. The biggest maxiscooter website is http://www.burgmania.net/ When the temperature is higher (now in Poland is -30 degrees) i ride on my maxi to work and on trips for Poland, Czech and Slovakia. I love it!


Apologies for my English
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Welcome!!! :lol:
I have about 100 km to Czech boarder it depends of place to cross. Nearest 70km, biggest 100km, crosses in Tatra Mountains about 180km. There are most beutiful roads, but sometimes extremly cold :( Practically all length od Polih-Czech boarder is in mountains.
I asked because my finace is from the CZ... so I spend a good amount of time in Prague and Pardubice. The roads look nice for 2 wheel riding, but it is so cold and wet so often...
Wishing you a belated Welcome Rafal!

I have posted a link to Mapquest and your town of Czeladz in Southern
Poland... for anyone who might be interested.


What is it like to ride in Poland? Are your roads crowded? Do you have
a special tax structure for scooters under, say 250cc. My wife is French,
and they have a special structure for bikes under 125cc. Also in France
one does not need a motorcycle license to ride an under 125cc bike.

What do you do in Czeladz? How far are you to Krakow?

Spring is arriving here and we now have temperatures at 60-70 every

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Welcome along to the forum! We are glad that you found us and hope to hear more about your Majesty (colour, year, etc.) Hopefully it will warm up soon enough for you to ride your Majesty again! 8)
P.S. Your English is very good, so please feel comfortable posting.
Hi. I'm very suprised about your message. It is nice if someone in America are interested with country like Poland.
OK and now i will answer for your questions.
Our roads are very crowded. We have only 200km of highways and most of the roads are narrow and with not good surface (holes about 10 inch deep)
We haven't special tax structures for scooters. When you drive under 125ccm and under 11HP you don't need a driver license for motorbikes (A category), but you have to have license A1 category. If you ride under 50ccm bike you don't need any license.
I didn't work in Czeladz I work in other town names Gliwice for American corporation names Fluor Daniel. I have 70 km to Krakow and I have many friends there.
About weather... now is about 15 degrees and spring comes in. I started season at past saturday. A week ago we had some snow yet.
Most popular maxiscoot in Poland is Burgman 400. Majesty YP 400 is very occasional. I know 2 people who have YP400. Most popular of Yamaha scoots is YP250 which are near the same quantity like Burgmans. Other popular scoot is Kymco Xciting 500.

Regards from Poland.
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rafalek13c said:
Our roads are very crowded. We have only 200km of highways and most of the roads are narrow and with not good surface (holes about 10 inch deep)
:shock: I cannot imagine a 25cm deep pothole!! You could almost lose a small motorbike in it! :lol:
Fluor Daniel is a nice company. Fluor has offices in Houston and I have several friends who work for them. They all say very nice things about the company.
Glad to hear it is warming up for you enough to ride. Riding a scoot on a nice day is as good as it gets! :mrgreen:
Loss of wheel is a normal thing in Poland. Especially after winter, holes are increased. The biggest road hole in Poland has 11 meters of width and 6 meters of depth!!!! I can't find link for photos of this miracle. Hole in tarmac had 70 cm axis, but hollow had a great dimensions (11m x 6m).
I think you could lose something bigger than little scooter in hole like that.

I find link to images of big road hole

WOW :shock: That's some pothole!
That's not a pot-hole... it's a tunnel to China!
I was out of my house over 4 months. My YP250 has been sold. Now I have a brand new YP400. I bought it at the end of july. Since then I drove 7000km. Compare YP400 vs YP250?
Advantages of YP400:
Faster, stronger, fuel consumption is near the same like YP250, stability and fuel injection. Big imperfection is the engine which sometimes stopped when is cold.

Advantages YP250:
less weight, better acceleration from 0-70km/h, switch of the lights, louder horn :).

In general YP400 is improved version of YP250. Succesful parts of YP250 stays in YP400 less succesful heve been improved. In equal Yamaha cerate scooter nearly ideal.
Great to have you in the forum. I toured Poland for two weeks with my college choral group in 1985. Wonderful people - friendly and generous. The southern part of the country was beautiful. I would love to see it now and perhaps I will get a chance to travel back there someday.

I just picked up a YP400 myself and enjoy it too. I hope you get a chance to take your machine out when it it warmer.
Welcome to the site. As you see - everyone is very helpfull.
Put up some pictures of your area - should look cool!

you take it easy!
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