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Hello from Toronto, Ontario.

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Hi everyone.

I am very glad that I found this site.

I am a new Majesty rider, I got this scooter on Sept 2005, love it very much, I could not believe with only 400 cc, and this scooter could get 160 km and hour on highway.

John Hoang.
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Hi John.

I live in Hamilton and am glad to hear that you love your new Majesty. I got mine late last year and I know you'll enjoy it as much as I do. I changed over from a cruiser and the Majesty never ceases to amaze me. I especially love how it can be ridden in much cooler temperatures (relatively comfortably) as compared to my previous ride.

This is a great website too. Glad you found it.

Hi Berb

Wow, It is good to hear that there is another Majesty rider around near by Toronto.

Berb, it is nice to know you.

I just got my Majesty out first time of this year, it started like a charm. I ordered Givi windscreen, v46 top case with stop light, lower back rest, and higher gel back rest. It took me couple hours to install them last Friday at 6 PM, then, It started to snow........well, I took scooter out to DVP for a ride anyway, it was cold, but the givi screen worked better than the stock for sure.

I am looking forward to have a ride coming weekend rain or shine Berb.

Hey John, sounds like you are trickin' out your ride nicely. When you get a chance, how about posting some photos in the gallery section so I can see what it looks like.
I have the Yamaha top box (great addition that I use everytime I ride to work or to pick up a few things. It's also nice to get off the ride and put the helmet etc in there.).
I never considered the givi windscreen because I didn't really feel a need for it other than a bit more hand protection in the cold.
As for the backrests, I don't think I've seen either of them.

Why wait for the weekend for a ride. The weather has been fantastic and I've been riding to work and taking the LOOOOOONG way home. :lol:
Hi Berb

YES, I could not wait to ride Majesty this coming weekend, I work afternoon shift, and my car got broken in 2 times already, so I don't take scooter to work.

I will try to shoot some pictures this weekend with toys on scooter, and if I could figure out how to post them here for every body to see.

I love to take scooter to the Niaga fall this spring time, but don't want to use QEW, just want to use highway 2 or 6, something like that. Do you ever do that, and, which route should I take, if you know please. I live downtown Toronto.

John Hoang
Welcome along John! Can't wait to see the pics of your scoot. I noticed lots of scoots when I was in Toronto a couple years ago for the National Model Railroad Association convention. It was July and unseasonably hot, so lots of people were on their rides. Toronto is the nicest place I've ever spent holiday. I spent most evenings walking all over the city taking phoyographs of the beautiful architecture and scenery. How lucky you are to live there!! :)
Hi blex.

Thank you for picture account?

I am flattered, Yes, Toronto is nice city, and Canada is my home away from home, I love this country.

I will try to get pictures for sure gentle people, just got to waite to the weekend.

Thanks again.

John Hoang

As much as I'd love to give you directions, I usually "wing it" when I ride to the Falls. I never get lost but often times I'm not really sure where I am.

In general, from Toronto I'd either take Hwy 2 along the lakeshore or Hwy 5 and from here get down to the Lakeshore in Burlington.

Then I'd get onto Beach Blvd towards Stoney Creek. Keep close to the shoreline until Fruitland Road then go away from the Lake to Highway 8.

Then I'd go left onto Hwy 8.

From here I would suggest you bring a map. Highlight spots would be Jordan Harbour, Port Dalhousie and of course, the Falls.
Hi Berb

Thanks a lot for the direction, yes, I will try that route for sure.

I try to take some pictures and post them, just have to wait till Bryan give me a gallary account.

John Hoang
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