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Hello from Washington, United Kingdom

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Hello all. I realise this is MajestyUSA, but there's really no such equivalent of this site in the UK, so I hope you won't mind me coming here to learn, chat and share??

I'm 31, and live in Washington in the North East of England. I have a Yamaha YP125 Majesty that I've owned for about a month or so. It has covered 20,000 miles and cost me £800.

I'm just getting used to cornering, being around other traffic and just generally learning to enjoy being on the road.

Feel free to contact me at any time.

Thanks for reading,

Neil. :)
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Welcome, Neil!

I'm from Washington state, one of those places where people drive on the wrong side. I think you'll find that most on this site are old foggies, you've likely brought our average age down several years.
Hi Neil and welcome to the site! I have to say I'm only 36 so I'm not an old foggie yet!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I think you'll find a lot of friendly folks here!!!

Hi, Neil: The more the merrier. Tell us more about your scoot, and post some photos if you have some. Do you mostly ride on city streets, or can you get on highways? What kind of gear do you wear? What does a gallon of gas cost you? Are scooters very popular by you? We don't see many in my neck of the woods. Actually, I see more Hummers than scooters in a week!

Best, Dave
(I'm about a half hour south of Kim)
hi neil, welcome.

i myself am 33.

i guess we sholud maybe start a poll, to figure out the actual average age of our members ? what does everyone think ?

goodideadave said:
What kind of gear do you wear? What does a gallon of gas cost you? Are scooters very popular by you?
The law here states that only a helmet is required, but I tend to go beyond that. I've got a fabric jacket with reinforcements in the shoulders and elbows, jeans with a kevlar lining, and sturdy boots. I top that off with a bright yellow reflective jacket on top. Full face helmet for me, seen too many nasty examples of what can happen with others.

As for the gas, I suppose it's as pricey here as it's ever been. Let's work it out from litres (liters to you) and pounds, to gallons and dollars.

1 US Gallon = 3.785 liters
1 UK Pound = 1.877 US Dollar

Petrol (Gas) here is 96.5p per liter
Which is £3.65 per gallon
Which means it is...
$6.86 per gallon.

Which I'd think is a LOT more than you pay over there??
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that's highway robbery !

i thought we were hard done by here in oz, we're currently paying $1.45AU per litre.

the price in the uk is equal to agout $2.40 AU a litre!
that's insane.

Welcome, Neil. I'm a newbie here as well. At $6.86/gal for gas, I bet most here would have purchased a scooter much sooner than they did. I know I would have.

In reference to the suggested age poll of members, I'd be interested in knowing that. I myself am 29 and have been so for many years.
Welcome along Neil! :wave: Sorry about the name of the site, but you are more than welcome to join us from across the pond. Please share your adventures with your scoot as well as any differences you may find between the British version and the Americanised version. Any truth to the rumour that British Majesties play "God Save the Queen" when the horn is pressed? :wink:
British Maj's play "God Bless America", not "God Save the Queen"!

I've been 39 for 19 years.

From one site newbie to another, welcome aboard. Up until a year ago I had the good fortune to be stationed at RAF Croughton outside of Oxford. We loved it, and if I hadn't gotten blown up in Afghanistan (land mine) last summer, we'd still be there. We're hoping to get back to the UK some day. I still have dreams of spending more time riding through the Cotswolds and riding through the Highlands of Scotland.


Hello Neil;

I've just joined this Forum, and I'm also from the UK (Black Country).This seems to be a friendly and supportive "club".Apart from a few teething problems with exhausts, finding the battery etc., I am well pleasedwith my Majesty, which I got second hand from "Loot" because I needed a replacement bike fast. My Honda CB1 400cc had been nicked from our garage, and I needed transport for work; I don't have a car driving licence as yet.I have had the mickey taken out of me by the handful of bikers at work for not having a "proper" bike, but I am the one who is laughing with plenty of luggage space, comfort, and enough power to overtake on a motorway.

All the best mate, safe riding.

Though common over the pond, the name "Neil' is rare on this side...especially if is a Neil riding a Majesty!

Welcome, Neil! (And you spell it CORRECTLY!)

Neil Torr
AKA "Sku-Torr"
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