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Hey all,
I have a 2001 yp250 (JDM model)
With all the custom aftermarket panels, billet alloy wheels (with a stainless steel spinner on the front 😅😅) and stainless precut exhaust etc...

The front forks seem to be bottoming out on any medium bump and when ever I go up or down a speed bump/pedestrian crossing etc at more than a snails pace..

It sounds like a loud bang, which resonates through all the plastic Bodywork. (Which only makes it sound worse)

I had an experienced friend help me remove and rebuild the front forks, new seals & oil etc as the seal on the LH fork was leaking anyway
And it hasn't changed anything.
We put the correct amount of oil in mL, as per the workshop manual.. but used 15w oil.

The manual says 10w but the issue is still identical with the 15w to what ever was in there beforehand.

Has anyone had this issue?
Or might have an idea of what my potential problem is?

I'm yet to check my sag (only realized about doing that through trawling this forum before posting)


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