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Hi All from Central VA

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Hi all,

Tom here from Lynchburg, VA. I bought my first bike ever at the age of 52 as a reward for quitting smoking. I told my wife if I ever took up smoking again, she could sell the bike. Well, so far I havent started back and she doesnt want to sell the bike. Two weeks ago, I bought another bike, the Yamaha Majesty and really like it. It continues to get more comfortable to ride and runs really well. Much better than the Chinese junk I bought last year. I still have the Chinese 150cc bike, but have it up for sale. It was a great bike to learn on. I learned to ride and I learned how to do most of the kind of maintenance I should ever have to do to the Yamaha. Altogether it has been a good experience moving to two wheels. I have ridden bicycles for years and my wife and I ride a tandem when the spirit moves us. She likes the pillion seat on the Majesty much better than the 150cc bike. So she is happy now and so am I. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you folks and sharing some good experiences. Till later....
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Welcome to the 2 wheeled motor world. I biked for years but also had a motorcycle. Now that my knees are shot from biking, skiing, etc.
I view the world with a motor. Same thrill just different.

Hope you and your wife enjoy it. Now be fair. She needs one too.
You know its more fun on your own. Let her learn on the little one before you sell it.

Theres Women on Wheels and more women joining every day. Besides it saves on gas.

Welcome and have fun.
Welcome to the forum! :wave: I have the fast & sexy Blue model :wink: and look forward to hearing more about your ride and how you enjoy it.
Hi Pamb & Blexcroid, thanks for the warm welcome.

Blex, I saw your post on the gear you ride with...yikes that stuff is expensive...I am an underemployed working stiff and cant afford the high dollar stuff. I am trying to locate a complete summer-weight set of pants and jacket for under 200 for the works that has all the padding in the right places, but havent settled on what to get yet. I would like something as visible as yours but havent found anything at a price I can afford that is that visible. I may have to break down and buy what you got, or use Christmas money this year to get that.

Pamb, I hinted to the wife we should keep the small bike for her to learn on, but she doesnt seem to have the interest. and she likes being a passenger so she can gawk at the scenery. But who knows, maybe she will develop an interest over this riding season. If she does, I will encourage it for sure.

Well guys, time to finish checking email and get ready to hit the bed. Have to be up early tomorrow. Enjoy your evening and your day tomorrow!
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Hi Tom, I'm sure there are some deals out there for safety gear. I know that especially for me and my size, if you can find it that big, then it costs too much. I also have the problem of overheating too easily and have to weigh that situation out.......

Happy riding! :)
Hi Bill,

The selection I made was for the Joe Rocket Alter Ego pants and Ballistic Jacket...with a set of gloves too...about 320 bucks for the whole shebang...The pants are a little short, but I may elect to just live with it. I have a long inseam at 34 1/2" and have trouble finding normal pants long enough and for the bike they need to be even longer...well, nothing I have seen really is, so that was the best compromise...still not sure I'll be keeping them. That was more than I wanted to spend but they are billed as all weather, so if they include enough insulation for winter and enough moisture resistance for rain I'll grudgingly agree it was worth the money.

My heat tolerance would be better if I did not work in an airconditioned environment most of the time....and also if I gave up drinking beer and wine during the summer...but that probably isnt going to happen. :)
You only drink beer and wine? And only in the summertime?? What is the matter with you man! That takes away from all your ride time!

Must ride! Must ride! Must ride to liquor store! :shock: :D
Wild Bill,

We partied last night so well you would be proud...drank much wine, ate too much all for the worthy cause of celebrating my sainted Mother in law's 92nd birthday. The party will continue through the middle of next week as is the tradition. We have people here from all over the US and from England just to party with Mom...how's that for doing it up right!!!
Go Tom! Go Tom! Go! Go! Go Tom!

The first of the guests left today, headed back to Florida and California. Today is the cookout day...the usual hotdogs, hamburglers, etc. Tomorrow most of the rest of the party leave, leaving only my wife's brother and his wife from Massachusetts...They leave on the 4th and then the party is over for one more year. Hope everyone in your clan has a great 4th Bill.

Cheers! :)

PS - Bill, you are NOT right... :lol:
Corngrats on your roaring party Tom! I'm doing part 2 of the 25th anniversery of graduating high school. Last night was a meet and greet at a local sports bar. Tonight is a luau / hog roast at the local elks club. Not many of the gang I hung out with showed up last night, guess they aren't out of prison yet, or dead from the drug use....no just kidding there. They need to do a family picnic because most of us now are grandparents, and are slowing down a little. At least from the party-harty days....

On the 4th we'll be riding in a parade with the Patriot Guard Riders up in Walton, Indiana. A small town that still knows how to celebrate the 4th in style...should be a real good time!

Catch ya later!!!!
Well Bill,

Another post as the first crew to leave this morning got Betsy and I up at about 4:45...the rest will be scattered out throughout the morning. In the meantime, I am making plans for my first group ride with the local Southern Cruisers Chapter. We are doing the same thing you are, riding in a parade in a little town called Concord, VA. SHould be a good time and a chance to meet some of the local riders. I have tended to be somewhat solitary in my riding just for lack of knowing other bikers. So this is a chance to make some connections, just like this forum is. Hope your ride goes well and enjoy your reunion...I think I have one coming up soon, but part timers is kicking in...must be the drug use when I was in college :)

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