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Hi Everyone from Hamilton, Ontario

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I guess this makes me the first Canadian to post here (eh? :wink: ).
I too learned of this site from BurgmanUSA and I'm happy to see that it uses the same format. Bravo!!
I've had my 05 Majesty since early October. I traded a 03 Suzuki 800 Volusia cruiser and can't believe how much I love it. In fact I took it out today for a half hour ride in 35 degrees and it was awesome! (of course warmer would be better but you take what you get). I would have frozen to death had I tried this on my cruiser. Not to mention that the fuel injection does away with the cool weather backfiring.
I look forward to all of the interesting posts. Have a great day.
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Welcome Berb, I hate to spoil the fun but Ron Stewart beat both of us to the punch, as did Jay from Manitoba. But really who's counting?

You replaced a Volusia with a Majesty? I was thinking about a Volusia (C50) but lots of people have been telling me it's not the bike I need. Can you please give me your insights into Majesty vs Volusia.
Even a dealer said a Majesty would be better than a C50 for my purposes - some long distance (600-800 mile days) and lots of goofing around in between. Oddly (to my way of thinking anyway) it was the highway mileage that most people have told me the Majesty would be better at.

Welcome along to the forum. I had a chance to visit several outstanding model train layouts in Hamilton during the National Model Railroad Association convention in 2003. I never realised how beautiful Canada is, outside of Niagra Falls! The architecture is spectacular and the people are the kindest. :mrgreen:
Hi Ron:
I happen to think that the Majesty has a number of advantages over the Volusia. Here they are in point form:
1. Although I haven't taken any long rides on the Majesty, its highway manners far exceed the Volusia. Anything above 60 mph on the volusia and the engine buzzes quite a bit because it only has 5 speeds. If it had 6 it would make a big difference. The Majesty is much happier at 70+ than the Vol. I swear I could ride the Maj all day. I bought a butt buffer for the Vol because after an hour in the saddle, my butt would get very uncomfortable. I think that it is the cruiser seating position causing this. The Maj cuts through the wind like a hot knife through butter. The Vol had a windscreen but wasn't nearly as effective. The Vol was lots of "fun" riding at 60 mph with no windscreen!!!!!
2. The Vol was a little more practical with the saddle bags until I got the rear Yamaha luggage/rack. (see the pictures of this when I get them uploaed into the gallery)
3. The majesty has superior driveability simply because of fuel injection. Cool weather was a nightmare even after I had it jetted and put on free flow exhaust. NOTE: 2006 Vol now have fuel injection.
4. The Maj appears to get about twice the gas mileage as the Vol.
5. The Volusia is a very cool looking ride. The Maj is cool in a different sense: I think it looks "smart cool". Strangely, I get more stares on the Maj than I ever did with the Vol. A friend of mine with a burgman told me this would happen and I thought he was nuts.

If you can take both for a ride, the Majesty will win. I've ridden about 7 cycles in my lifetime and never has anything been this much fun AND practical. And, my insurance was 25% less.

Hope this answers some of your questions.
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Thank you for the nice words about Hamilton and Canada. Yes there is a lot of beauty here but like most people, we just don't appreciate what's right in front of our face.
One very important thing I forgot to mention is that the Majesty really shines in the city. With the twist and go (and trust me, it GOES!) and its nimble handling it is a charm to ride in town too.
I live in a city that has 2 geographical levels (many locals call it "the mountain" but it is an escarpment that drops 300 feet fairly quickly. Some of the roads up and down "the mountain" provide some spectatular views. I wondered how the Maj would cope going up "the mountain" but that concern was quickly put into the background. The maj has more than enough power.
My son has a suzuki marauder 800 (he was shocked when I bought the MaJ). We went for a ride together and to quote him after the ride "did you hear me going through the gears trying to keep up?" Of course I didn't because the sound waves didn't have a chance to catch up! :twisted:

I guess it's no secret that I love this thing.
Thanks Berb! You have just confirmed what I've been told a few times before. It looks like the Majesty just took the lead in my decision race by a few more paces. I'm still waiting till after the winter motorcycle shows in Vancouver and Calgary before I make a committment, but it's looking like the decision will be quite easy to make.
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