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Hi from Doylestown, PA

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I picked up my Majesty last Friday. Drives like a dream. Rides well on the interstate too. Already put 673 miles on it.

I also own a Suzuki Intruder 800. I enjoy this too, but the Majesty is just a lot of fun. Had to have knee surgery Monday and can still ride the Majesty. have trouble driving car though (foot controls). Also have a PGO 150 which is a real lightweight and is fun too (goes up to 65. I've only taken the Majesty to 70. I don't like to go over the speed limit by that much. Safety is much more important.

Must say though, I actually think the scooters handle the freeway better and hold the road better. My bigger bike seems to react to wind more. Kinda like a kite effect. Maybe its just because the majesty is more comfortable. Leg room, etc. I put 8300 miles on my 2004 Intruder and planned on trading it in. Just couldn't do it though.
So I justified it by saying if I added all three together, they cost as much as a cheap Harley.

Hope to see ya on the road.
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Welcome to the forum & congrats on your new Majesty!! :wave: Just be careful on the Surekill Expressway! (oooops, I mean Schuylkill) :mrgreen: <--- used to live in Audubon & learned to drive on the Surekill Exp. :wink:
The skullkyll expressway is always dangerous. Almost like driving in LA. Difference is the laws favor bikers in CA.

I read an article that made me laugh: it said any biker should drive with these thoughts in mind:
l. drive like no one sees you.
2. drive like everyone hates you
3. Your the only one who knows how to drive
4. Somethings gonna happen.
With those in thoughts in mind, I stay more alert
Hi Pamb,I Used To live in hatboro,now live in flagler beach florida.
bought my red 2006 majesty in march, I love the scooter,we can ride all year long! even took maj to bike week ,what fun.

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