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Hi from New York

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My name is Pat, 57 y/o. Took delivery of a 2006 Majesty, Candy Red on March 18. Got into 2 wheeling for the first time 2 years ago with an Aprilia Scarabeo 150. Took the MSF course but decided to stay with an "automatic" seeing most of my riding is more city than highway. The Scarabeo was a sweet bike for it's size but I do like the Interstates once in a while, but 65 mph tops with a 326lb. scoot with no real wind shield just didn't cut it.
I did the typical Scarabeo 500, X9, Burgman's, Silverwing, Reflex, Chinese etc. comparo, then found this site among others and slowly put the facts together. Good dealer network, price, performance, maintinence (I do most of my own) and of course, actual owners comments which were over whelmingly positive. I only have 270 miles on her with 137 of those on one trip ( no constant highway speed, of course ) but I feel I made the right choice. Thanks for your input. I hope to learn a lot from this group and maybe contribute a little myself...........
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Welcome... those Scarabeo 150's are sweet, though -- one of my favorite all-time bikes. They say they're very fast for a 150.

Niskayuna... that looks like a nice area to ride a bike! My oldest sister lived down in Woodstock for about seven years... wonderful.
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