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Hi from San Antonio

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Hi All,

Just picked up my new Majesty yesterday. I got the faster red one. I think I'm really gonna like this bike. And as for those that dis us because we ride scooters, I just respond that anything with two wheels and a motor is cool by definition. That and they are just jealous.

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conan, welcome to scootin' in Texas!
Good to have you out there in the middle!
I envy your scenery, but share the joy of the ride!
You'll find some great info on the various pages on this website; Blex' and
Greengoose have done a great job of keeping it going.
welcome aboard friend. i hope you enjoy your stay.

Welcome along to the forum!! Looks like Texas is gaining a bunch of Majesty owners. Maybe later this fall (when it's cooler) we can have a mini-Majesty Rally for Texas riders. :wink:
Ride safe and enjoy the scenery.
Hey! What makes the red one faster. My silver goes pretty fast too.

Don't let anyone give you a complex because you're on a scooter.
I actually belong to a Women's Motorcycle Club (36 members by the way) and started on an 800 motorcycle. Just got my majesty and went to our first club ride a bit nervous for the same reason. What would everyone say?

They actually called in My Cadillac on Wheels and thought it was cool.
A couple actually thought I bought a sport bike til we stopped.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but they don't know how much more you can enjoy the ride with an auto. No worrying at stop lights if you're in the right gear and gonna stall if you missed checking.

Only time I ever went down was when I tried to start out in 3rd. Engine just quit and I went down because didn't expect it and to heavy to hold up. Talk about feeling stupid when you're stuck under you bike, can't even pick it up because your legs wedged and the light changes the other way for everyone else to go. Also scary.

Have a great time.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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