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Hi From Superior Wisconsin

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Well I did it. On April 1 I bought a beautiful red 2006 Majesty. No Fooling. My name is Pete, I'm 62 years old and this is my first experience with scooters. My only two wheel experience was bicycle racing, you know, like Lance Armstrong, well not exactly like Lance. But I am registered to take the MSF course in late April over in Duluth. I bought a full-face helmet and some Joe Rocket jackets so I should be good to go.

I have to say that until 2 weeks ago, when I found this site, I was all set to buy a Burgman. I had been visiting that site since last fall. But after the great information I found here, I did a comparison, and realized that the Yamaha was the way to go. I had to go about 130 miles towards Minneapolis to find one. The dealers around here receive very limited allocations, the one here in Superior had an allocation of zero. So I was very happy to take one off the floor for $5399. Lastly, I want to thank the site administrator, the moderators and all the good people on this site who have been so helpful. I fully expect to participate whenever I can. Now I just need some nice weather. Thanks again.
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Welcome to the forum Pete! Nice to know there's another old cyclist around who remembers bike racing before it got "vogue"! :p I'm sure you remember the days when shaving grams off the weight of your bike meant riping the foam off the seat and racing on the hard shell! :lol: :lol:
I'm so glad to hear you are signed up for the MSF/Rider Safety course. Well worth the time and money. Thanks for posting and hope to hear of some of your rides.
Hey...Andrew over here in Duluth...Bought a red one myself last month and have been riding it for a week or two. Would love to get together and ride!! I am 43 and have been riding all my life, and this bike is really the most fun. Drop me an email or call my cell at 391-6549. Yours will be the only Majesty that I am aware of besides mine!!!
Very exciting. Pete, I'm new too, on a brand new 05 Charcoal Maj... taking the MSF this coming weekend.

I've been getting ready for the Maj over the past 8 months. 3000 miles on a Kymco People and Yammy Vino.

Good luck with the MSF.
Hi, Pete! Congrats on the new Majesty. I have no doubt that it is the beginning of a whole new chapter of fun on two wheels for you.

If you are ever down Minneapolis way an your maxiscooter, give a shout and perhaps we can link up. I'll be sure to do the same if I make up North this year.
Congratuations on the Red Majesty. Saw one at the dealers last weekend very nice color. Ride safe, Gail
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