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Hi from WNC.

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My name is Gerald. I live in Western North Carolina. I presently own a Yamaha V-Star 650, but am looking real hard at the Majesty 400. I have been riding, on and off, for about 40 years, and have always been a biker, rather than a scooter! But that was before the Maxi's came along. I will be reading up on all the posts here, looking for any minus's (if any exist) to counter the plus's that I have found.
All that really matters is being on two (or three) wheels and having the wind blow through whats left of my hair.
See ya on the road!!!!!
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Gerald, I'm glad I now know someone in the southeast. I got my Maj yesterday and am planning to take it to Charleston (from Indiana) this July. I wondered if you had any pointers on areas not to miss as I'm heading that direction.

I wish there were more hills in Indiana!
Didn't get your name, so I'll just say howdy.
There is a lot to see and do as you pass through this area. In order for me to focus on what you might like, what are your preferences as to speed vs sightseeing, curves vs long straight stretches, hanging around a day or so vs just passing through, etc? You get the picture.
Here in Asheville the one place that anyone passing through seems to want to check out is the Biltmore House and Gardens.
Just west of here between Bryson City and the Tennessee state line (and beyond) is the Dragon's Tail. Two lanes with 318 curves in 11 miles.
South, just out of Brevard on hwy 276 is Ceaser's Head State Park. The scenic overlook offers views you won't believe. Good two lane road with quiet a few easy curves.
(All of the above have web sites.)
Looking forward to your next post. Till then.......

Welcome to the forum, Gerald! :hello2: The V-Star 650 is a real nice bike --I looked at one when I was looking at the Majesty, but the Majesty won my heart over! Hope to see you on the road, whether on your 650 or the Maj, if you get one. I think you'll find that most of us are quite happy with the maxi's. They handle a bit different, but personally, I enjoy mine a lot.
Welcome again!
Gerald, you gotta test ride the Maj' to appreciate it! It's the most fun I've had in years and regardless of what my wife teases me, this 400cc is NOT a moped! I also looked at the 650, which was actually less expensive at my local dealer by a couple hundred bucks. I found the Maj' to be a bit more upright, and much more responsive. I love the 'trunk', where I keep my briefcase when commuting and my helmet when at work. The 650 is a beautiful bike, though, with lots of options. Safe riding.
Hello from a fellow WNCer. I live in Fletcher and drive a silverwing. I like to read up on other scooters, so I'm just peeking in to make sure the majesty riders are not causing too much trouble.

If you ever want to head out with another scooter on the parkway, shoot me an e-mail. I frequently ride with a friend on his burgman 400, my dad may come along too on his harley (if he's not too ashamed of the scoots) :)

[email protected]
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