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High mount Indicators (extra pair on the front)

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hi all.

just completed my latest project this weekend.

i now hava an extra pair of LED indicators mounted on the back of the rear view mirrors. this should help improve visibility (from the cagers POV).

a have posted a small video clip on my server. it's about 1.3 meg wmv file. it's not really high quality, just to give you an idea of how effective they are.

the led lights are from a US based company called hardcore lighting.
they are a flexible led strip and can be mounted just about anywhere you can think of. they come in amber and red, and in many different lengths.

it took me about 2 hours in total to fit them. had to remove a lot of tupperware to get the job done right.

right click and save as.



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That is awsome!!!!! I think that will help quite a bit!!!! Great job!

How do you get both lights to flash simultaneously? And why are there white lights in the front part of your turn signals (mod perhaps)? I know the Oz version has the clear lenses, but do you have extra bulbs as well?
the oz version has a hazzard light switch on the right hand control.
this makes all four flash at the same time.

as for the "extra" lights on the front, these are stock from yamaha on the oz versions. they come on as soon as you turn the key on, and stay on as long as the ignition is on. there are two globes in each front lens.
one is amber, the other a smaller clear/white one.

the smaller white ones also come on with the tail light when you put the key in the "park" position.

Those are great!

Also a great reminder to turn off the turn signals!
with the way that they are mounted, you cant see them while you're sitting on the seat, however, there is a little bit of reflection from the givi screen, and this does indeed make it almost impossible to forget that the indicators are on.

Very nicely done, Jason. Kudos to you.
thanks for all the compliments.

Hi Jason,

Nice job on the lights...too bad they are so bloody expensive. I would love to find a cheaper alternative and I would be doing it for sure...especially on the front where I could see that I left the turn signal flashing long after I made the turn.

the leds are not that expensive (imo).
the ones that i esed were about $35 US each.

that's a small price for the extra visability and safety.

I went to the website mentioned near the beginning of the thread and found that the prices were much higher than you just mentioned. Maybe the LED technology is starting to take off and the prices are going up to reflect that. Anyways, the prices you paid are much better and I would consider that within the range of acceptable, but at the upper end of the range. Anyways, what you did looks really good!
the leds are made by the hardcorelighting people, but i bought them through this web site.


and the version i bought is this one.

20 LED Flexible Amber LED Array w/1MM Spacing
Sealed and ready to go-Single Element
Clear Tube, Total Length 3-1/4"
MSRP: $37.50 Price: $35.60 each

hope this helps.

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I wont be doing that upgrade yet...have a few other projects taking up 'fiddling time' for now...but thanks for the info anyway. :)
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