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High Speed Stall

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I have read the threads on stalling Majesties at low speed, but, My Maj has a slightly different problem, it runs fine in town but when I hit a motorway between 60 - 70 it stalls, engine just dies out, close throttle a bit and it comes back.

I have just put a new sparkplug and plug cap on and it still happens. I wonder if it is the Auto-choke or a cold-carburettor as it only seems to happen in early part of trip, before the water-theromostat is fully open.

I have a spare ignition coil so I will swap that for next check. Anyone had similar or any advice ?
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check for cloged air filters or fuel filters.

being efi, it should not be the "auto choke" as the maj 400 does not strictly have such a creature.

it uses a cold start idle up air bypass system that runs from a stepper motor.

Thanks for the reply Jason although I have a 1997, 250 Maj (in U.K.), and it has auto-choke. Air Filter is due for a change, not sure if there are fuel filters, I'll check. Thanks again.
oops, sorry.

keep forgetting that not everyone has the 400's :oops:

if the fuel filter is clogged up with crud, it could cause the simptoms that you describe. enough fuel gets through when at lower rpms, but as the rpms rise, the semi-blocked filter can no longer supply enough fuel, and it will stop.

does it seem to slowly loose power, or does it just stop ?
if its the filter, it will slowly loose power over a short distance, and no amount of throttle opening will keep the engine running.

i went through the very same problem with my old honda ch250 spacy (elite). it would run fine at speeds up to 60 kph, but over hat speed, it was no go. replaced fuel filter. problem solved.

very dirty air filters will cause a similar result too. but instead of running too lean at rpm, the engine will overfuel. also not good.

sorry for the long post.

hope some of the info is helpful.

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