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Hot Tire ?

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Anyone noticed a lot of heat build-up in the rear tire.

Was out riding today, not at high speeds and the rear tire and wheel felt
very hot to me. It was 30 C [about 86 F] with high humidity. Pressure was
good so I put it down to the engine being right in front of the rear wheel.

PS at 12k kilometrs this tire is toast. Doesn't seem like much but they are cheap
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normal heat build up..nothing to worry
Bobb said:
PS at 12k kilometrs this tire is toast.
im not sure why you guys are getting such crappy mileage out of your tyres.

mine has the OEM fitted IRC tyres, and so far after 14,000km the rear looks like it's about 60% worn, and the front still looks practically new!

im thinking that i might get 40,000 km from the front, and maybe about 25,000 km from the rear.

and yes, i too notice a fair heat build up, never had any problems, so i guess it's just normal. don't forget that the exhaust is right next to the rear wheel / trye too.

The key is keeping the pressure up and checking it regularly.
Bobb, you said the tire pressure was good. Was that at at the end of the ride when the tire was hot? You need to check the pressure first thing in the morning when it is cold. You will find a significantly lower pressure when the tire is cold.

Running on low pressure means the tire flexes more, heats more, and wears faster.
At 4500 mi., my IRC tyres were wearing fairly poorly, and I did not have enough confidence in them to hold up to a 2k mi. tour, so i put a set of Avons on, which, in the brief time I rode them, seemed like a very nice tyre indeed.

The '06 has Dunlops, and I'm hoping for better wear.
8,000 miles and my IRC's are holding up great ... as for the heat, too many variables there, but most tires are not even properly heated up until 90c or 194f.
i now have 18,500 km on my stock oem IRC's.
that's about 11,500 mi. the rear is almost finished, while the front looks
like its about 50 % worn.

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