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Hot Weather Riding

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Rather than Hijack the Welcome thread from Hanfordglow, I decided to start this here. Please feel free to add additional comments, suggestions, and questions:
hanfordglow said:
Thanks, Blexcroid. It's actually still cool here and beautiful. A bit windy, but I'm getting accustomed to riding my Maj in it. Ugh, hot and sticky. Like my native Tennessee. What's it like to ride a scoot in hot and sticky?
The toughest part of riding in 90+ degF temps and 90+ %humidity is remaining hydrated under your gear. Whilst we get a 'breeze' riding, the high humidity prevents it from completely cooling because the evaporation doesn't take place as well. The air is completely saturated with moisture and it can't hold any more. There are some days in the summer that we have absolutely calm winds, so even just waiting at a stop light can increase your body temperature substantially.
I carry a Platypus Big Zip under my gear filled with ice and a little water. The Big Zip has a large ziplock at the top that allows for ice cubes and a drinking tube that I clip to my jacket or 'Stich and slip up my fullface helmet to provide hydration. As the ice melts, it keeps my body cooler and the melted ice provides hydration.
We also have to be careful on the roads, as the tar gets very sticky as the temperatures of the road can easily exceed 120degF! :shock:
Hydration is one of the most important things to maintain all year 'round. Many riders underestimate how much hydration is lost on a very cool day when riding. The drier air rapidly depletes the moisture in the skin that the bottom layers then try to rehydrate. Though I may not have ice in my Platy during the winter, I carry hydration on ALL my long rides.
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i plan to buy a camel back soon.

its a back pack that you wear under your jacket, and it has a plastic bladder inside it that holds your fluid of choice. a drinking tube comes out of the top, and has a valve in it that you bite on to open it.

bite, suck, drink...... once you stop biting the valve, the tube is sealed, and will not leak.

great idea.

Has anyone used the Cobber Neck Wrap? It sounds like it might be a useful thing in hot weather.
I have several of them-- one even with John Deere tractors on it! :lol: :lol: They work great for me in late spring and early fall down here. But personally, in the worst of summer, I find they only cool me for about 10 minutes, then they get hot & sticky. My husband LOVES them and frequently uses then when he mows the lawn to keep him cool. 8)
REMEMBER: I live where it is very humid as well as hot. They probably would work much better for me up north where the humidity is substantially lower and it isn't quite the sauna we get in Houston.

These are sold for $5-10USD and are easy to make if you can use a sewing machine. The biggest advantage to making your own is creating a shape that fits you best to keep you cool under your gear. (You are wearing gear, right? :wink: )
When travelling via Majesty I carry my Camelbak with the straps looped over the handlebars. The back of the container is facing me, and it is completely out of the way of hands and feet, so no interference with controls. I just loop each strap over the L & R mirror stalk and adjust straps to fit.

I found that carrying it on my back makes it a bit more tiring during high-mileage days. I empty a 70oz Camelbak about as often as I empty the fuel tank. Surprisingly, I don't need to make any more pit stops than usual...I guess most of the water evaporates via the skin rather than by kidneys....
HiFlight said:
Surprisingly, I don't need to make any more pit stops than usual...I guess most of the water evaporates via the skin rather than by kidneys....
Your body will perspire most of the water you intake in the summer. If you urinate and the colour of the urine is a strong yellow, you are NOT hydrating enough and need more water!!
Camelbacks and the Platypus are great ways to keep hydrated whilst under your helmet. Bite and sip straws are great!!
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