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How Does The Majesty Sound?

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Can anyone help me find an audio file or video clip with ACCURATE sound

I wanna know how the majesty sounds.....
Id appreciate it thanks
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Well, you can forget the dealer in West Jefferson...he mostly sells ATV's... Although my wrecked '05 may still be there [ see Road Stories]

It sounds civilized. There are performance mufflers that will make people unhappy...
Does it have a noticeable Performance sound to it if you let out the horses?

and do the new exhaust help performance/mileage at all

Again thanks for the opinions
Exhaust tuning is a black art. I have ridden bikes with aftermarket exhausts that worsened performance. That was a long while ago, though. If you buy a pipe from one of the good manufacturers designed for your bike, you should get improved acceleration. Even a good pipe is not magic. It takes a fair wad of cash to get a relatively small performance improvement. Remember that the Maj will always have a 400 cc single cylinder engine. I think that a lot of guys really get new pipes for the look and sound. You will probably get worse gas mileage, too.

The Majesty exhaust note is not bad as it stands. It is about as loud as most state laws allow - much louder than my other, much larger bike.

In many states, the police will look for DOT approval on aftermarket pipes. Of course, DOT approval is not found on aftermarket pipes, so you get a ticket. This usually happens when the rider is pulled over for speeding and then is discourteous to the LEO, but sometimes they nab you in a gas station.

If I were trying to improve my performance, I would look at tuning the variator first. Not so sexy, perhaps, but much better bang for the buck. Apparently you can swap weights and springs on the stock variator, or go for an aftermarket variator.
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it sounds very similar to any other single cyl 4 stroke engine.

a lot like a trail bike of similar size.

Just leave the stock majesty exhaust on, its quiet, sounds very good and no need for a thing imo.
My 2005 is loud enough to hear at idle but when you get up past 30 mph the helmet noise is more than the exhaust. It's also true that for a 400CC bike you get to 50-60 mph pretty quick and at that speed you leave the exhaust sounds whatever the volume well behind you. You may well sneak up on wild animals while driving as they simply don't seem to hear you until you are right on them. On the other hand, I like the fact that you can hear it when at low speeds.

It isn't a loud Harley nor does it wind up like one without having a manual transmission you can wind up tight just for the sound. I'm sure they accelerate to 75 mph faster than you can just to hear the noise but then again, after a while, it gets to be a loud noise and you will be right there with them at 75 if you want to be.

Those guys, however, are parked at the gas pump as you roll on bye too!

Love the maxi scooter/bike/Majesty. I get lots of interest and comment on it when it's stopped as people generally don't equate it with a little Vespa. Goes any highway legal speed and a bit more and keeps up with anyone you want to keep up with. I've hauled out going 70 and passed a car ahead of me with fair power and pickup and I'm 6'4" tall with big feet! The right mix.

If they had offered it in this country I might have bought their T MAX 500 parallel twin cylinder bike but it seems only to be sold in Europe. Lots of similarities except for the engine which is a bit more powerful but a bit less fuel efficient as a result.

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I had a friend of mine ride my 2005 Majesty as I stood beside the road. I told him to "get on it" when he took off and also when he rode by me so I could hear what they sounded like and I gotta' tell ya' I was very pleased with the sound. It was quiet enough but also had a very distinctive and powerful sound...I was well pleased!!!
I would like a nice throaty sound out of it, but it is actually perfectly suited for how it looks and runs .... Yamaha got that part right.
Thanks for the reply

So its not Very soft but not too loud do i have that right?
the note changes dramatically depending upon how much throttle you have open, and how fast you are going.

WOT (at low speed) = a fair bit of noise.
Cruising with low throttle percentage, it's very quiet.

The Yamaha Japan site has a recorded clip of the start up, idle, rev, and roll out. You just place your cursor over the "Real Exhaust" button and you will hear the clip. Just go here: http://www.yamaha-motor.jp/mc/world/simulation/g-majesty400/index.html

I'd say it's pretty accurate, although a little more throaty in real life.
I installed the Leo Vince aftermarket pipe on my Majesty as a product review for "ScooterRider" magazine. Has a nice sporty sound, no louder than stock, but different tone.

Bottom line is that the performance as evidenced on a dyno test was considerable less at lower rpms, (below 5K) but about 3 hp more at very high rpms. Performance during standing start acceleration trials was significantly less with the Leo Vince.

Bottom line is that the Yamaha engineers know what they are doing.

Best modification for more performance at less cost is the Malossi variator. It shaves nearly 2 seconds off the 0-65 mph times without affecting top speed.
Does anyone else hear a burbble, pop-pop sound when they slow down from going fast. I wouldn't call it backfiring per se, but it sounds close. It's only when letting off the gas and then only a 3-4 quick pops.
indiana99 said:
Does anyone else hear a burbble, pop-pop sound when they slow down from going fast. I wouldn't call it backfiring per se, but it sounds close. It's only when letting off the gas and then only a 3-4 quick pops.
Yes, I here it. I only here 1 pop though. I put it as being a back fire. I know Harley's do it to, at least mine did!!
Thank God, I'm not crazy... I think I've heard it several times but I can't recreate it at will...
I feel it is my duty to expose the sordid truth behind this question:
The 2006 candy red Majestys sound like an NHRA top fuel dragster making a sub-four second 1/4 mile pass (If you have never heard it, you cannot believe it).
All others sound like a 3.5hp lawnmower with a tank of bad gas......
Honestly, they REALLLY sound like a 24.5cc weedwacker with a tank of bad gas..........
How does the Majesty sound?

I have no idea. I wear ear plugs under my helmet.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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